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2 Food Alleys in Daegu that You Might Not Know

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

2 Food Alleys in Daegu that You Might Not Know

No. 1 The Makchang Alley @Kyungpook Uni.

Makchang is the large intestines of beef or pork.  Makchang is quite famous in and around Daegu and the surrounding province.  It is so popular that there is an area dedicated to hosting a large number of restaurants in one place.

The area now hosts over thirty different restaurants.  Most have different menu items, but all serve makchang.  There are some other restaurants in the alley, but, not that many.

The place we chose for our meal offered some extra enticement to eat there.  With any meat dish you also received three nice side dishes to balance out the meal.  I would suggest getting there a bit earlier than you plan to eat so you can find the perfect atmosphere and dinner deal for your evening there.

There were four adults in our group and we had a difficult time choosing where to settle down.  In the end we made our choice.  We were very happy with our meal and the service.

This evening the menu included six different options.  We opted for makchang and pig skin to start out with.  Then the food started arriving and we were set!  We really enjoyed the restaurant and the food.

As my purpose was to report on the area I stepped outside the restaurant and tried to decide what I could do to interest others into checking the area out.  I spied a couple having dinner in a restaurant nearby.  I approached the couple and offered my business card.  I explained my mission and they were happy to answer a few questions and allow me to snap a photo of them enjoying their meal. They said they really enjoy visiting and always have great meal and a great time in the restaurants.  They looked happy to me so, I let them finish their meal in peace.  Thanks, guys for helping me out!

The alley or golmok is a in an “L” shape with a few small offshoots.  So, take your time and look around.  There are lots of places to choose from.

I even found a restaurant with booths inside, of street vendor like tents.  This type of restaurant started being popular last year.  There are more than a few scattered around town and they are popular with young and old visitors.  This might make the makchang experience a little more exciting.

No. 2 Chilseong Night Market the place with the Orange Tents and Fresh Seafood

On a recent Friday evening several of Daegu’s Citizen Reporters got together for a dinner in a tent.  We visited Chilseong Night Market and picked a place to eat.  There seemed to be about thirty different tents set up to serve fresh seafood dishes.  To me these places are fun just for the experience.  People seem to be relaxed and ready to lean over and say hi and strike up a conversation.  The food is good too!

This place fills up as the night goes on.  As one of the reporters present was my daughter, Min Hee we could not stay too late.  Even though it is getting colder outside, inside the tents it is cozy and warm.  It is a great atmosphere to enjoy with family or friends.

One of our favorite things to order is assorted fresh shellfish.  We can cook it right at the table and even in the shells.  The waiter came and cooked our food and then cut the meat from the shells and added them to one big shell.  This way keeps the cooked shellfish warm and moist.  Otherwise it can dry out rather quickly on the grill.

One of my favorites is raw clams.  I really enjoy the texture and taste.  It isn’t for everyone, but, you should take the opportunity to try this delicacy.

Another favorite is assorted seafood stew.  With a little bit of everything in there it makes for a very hearty dish with seafood, veggies, and just enough spiciness to warm us up.

Some of the places are stand alone tents.  Some are small restaurants and the tents add to the number of customers that can be served.  The area transforms from regular open air market during the day to a very cool night spot to enjoy an evening with friends in this very cool and colorful area of the city.

You may have noticed the shrimp on the table in an earlier photo.  After the shrimp is cooked at the table, the heads are removed and taken to the kitchen and fried.  They then come back to the table as another side dish.  They are crunchy and tasty.  My daughter had never had them before and really enjoyed them.

This is a great way to spend an evening and I would say a great cultural experience to have. It is something I doubt I could find in most places in North America and I truly enjoy the experience.

Chilseong Night Market is located outside of Chilseong Subway Station exit 1.  The easiest way to get there is to copy and paste the address into any mapping app and hit the “Directions” key.  It is open from 7PM or so and many of the tents stay open all night long.  There is parking and buses run until 1045PM.
163-9 Chilseong 1(il)-ga
Buk-gu, Daegu

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