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2018 Winter Olympic Torch Relay Arrives in Daegu on Dec 31, 2017

Celebrate the last days of 2017 with Olympic Torch Relay!

The time has come. The anticipated 2018 Winter Olympic is only 2 months away from now. One of the most emblematic events of the Olympic Games, the Torch Relays, began in Greece on October 24 and have continued throughout Korea. 7,500 people participate in this magnificent 101-day relay by walk or various transportations. 7,500 symbolizes 75,000,000 people of South and North Korea, conveying meaning of peace. 

Image: pyeongchang2018.com
Image: pyeongchang2018.com

The followings is the schedule for 3 day in Daegu. Come out and cheer for the Olympic spirit! Let’s get the excitement rolling until the games start!

Day 1
Keimyung University – Dalgubeol-daero – Outdoor Concert Hall
Day 2
Jungdonggyo Bridge – Daegu Art Museum – Daegu Stadium – Daegu Lions Park Square – Dongdaegu Station
Day 3
Ansim Station – Banyawol Station – Singi Station – Yonggye Station – Bangchon Station – Ayanggyo Station – Gukchaebosang Memorial Park

The Torch Relay and Bell Ringing Ceremony

The final destination for the torch in Daegu is Gukchaebosang Memorial Park where Dalgubeol Great Bell is located. The Olympic Torch Relay will be with us at the bell-ringing ceremony that announces the new year! The nationally renowned singer, Seung Chul Lee, and Olympic medalist, Seon Yoo Jin, are the some of the last players.

Dalgubeo Great Bell and the Mascot
Image: Pyeongchang2018.com

Here are more detailed schedule so that you can make sure not to miss it out! Also, during the torch relay, traffic will be block from the road. Hope to see you on the streets soon!

Keimyeong Uni.[Seongseo](10:26) → Entrance of SeongsoIC (11:08) → Jujeon Intersection(11:20) → Haksan Park 3-way intersection(11:47) → Wolseong Intersection(12:02) → Joam Intersection(12:20) → Jincheon Intersection(12:38) → Seongdang Intersection(14:41) → Apsan Intersection(15:11) → Hyeonchung-ro → Samgakji Intersection(15:29) → Naedang Intersection(16:09) → Bisan Intersection(16;27) → Gukchaebosang-ro → Seo-gu Office (16:45) → Seo-daegu Industrial Complex Intersection(17:12) → Waryong-ro→ Jukjeon Intersection(17:45) → Duryu ntersection(18:18) → Duryu Outdoor Concert Hall(18:30)
Duryu Outdoor Concert Hall(09:04) → Duryu Intersection(09:16) → Sinnam Intersection(09:52) → Keimyeong Intersection(10:07) → Myeongdeok Intersection(10:16) → Nam-gu cheong Intersection(10:40) → Jungdonggyo bridge(10:58) → Manchon Intersection(12:22) → Daegu Bank Intersection(13:04) → Dongseong School Intersection(13:13) → Gungjeon Mansion 3-way intersection(13:28) → Doosan 5-way Intersection(13:43) → Yongji Intersection(14:45) → Gyeonggijang Intersection(15:42) → Siji High School Intersection(16:15) → Sinmae ntersection(16:33) → Gomo-ro → Hyomok Intersection(18:00)→ Dongdaegu Station(18:30)
Ansim Station(10:41) → Banyawol Intersection(11:17) → Banyawol 3-way intersection(13:03) → Ayang-gyo Bridge crossroad(14:18) → Keungogae 5-way intersection (14:33) → Bokhyeon 5-way intersection(15:06)→ Kyungdaegyo crossroad(15:53) → Obong 5-way intersection(16:17) → Buk-gu cheong Intersection(16:26) → Daegu Station Northern Intersection (16:53)→ Dalseong Intersection(17:17) → Sinnam Intersection(17:38) → Gyesan 5-way intersection(17:44) → Nammun Intersection(17:56) → Banwoldang (18:05) → JungangroDaegu City Hall (18:25)

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