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COFFEE CITY DAEGU│The Best Rooftop Cafes in Downtown

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The Best Rooftop Cafes in Downtown

Maybe one might think winter is not the ideal time to enjoy a delightful coffee out in the open air. The following two cafes not only have a great rooftop areas but also have great vibe inside. Whether you want a quick look at the Christmas tree or sunset and then come back inside, you will be happy at these local's favorite cafes! 

“Night Life in Daegu is enjoying the rooftop view of Café PLBG”

Our idea of a night-out for a drink is usually with coffee, tea, ade, or anything non-alcoholic. Yeah, I know, it’s considered boring for some folks but interesting for us. After participating in the Catholic mass and a hearty dinner at Ashley in Dong A, we decided to look for some place to relax and we found Café PLBG.

The name had a unique vibe so we went looking for it which took quite a while but it’s so worth it because of the wonderful surprises the café had offered. The building looked grey on the outside but inside was just the opposite. It was such an eye-candy with all the pink artworks such as the sculptures and paintings.

But the rooftop was the winner with all the lights, balls, and the giant yellow tree. Enjoying the night view @ the rooftop of Café PLBG with friends was fun despite the cold. The cold never bothered me anyway (insert Elsa’s line from the song “Let it go” of the movie Frozen). 

In the end, it got really cold so we had to go down and got our drinks of Black Vienna coffee, for me and Fullmoon Frog ade, for my friends. Even their drinks were unique because everything was handmade or made from scratch. They had a “unique twist” to everything in the menu, from their coffee creations to their fresh ades and delectable desserts. Mr. Woo, the owner and manager had a concept not only for the interior but also to his menu. He spoke good English because he stayed in Los Angeles for a while and he was very warm and accommodating because he had a lot of Filipino friends in the United States.

He even shared the history of that name. PLBG came from his happy memories of a city in Laos, Luang Prabang and that stuck in his mind, together with his great memories of that place so to make him unique and stand out from all the other cafés, he choose that name. That was one of the reasons why I choose that café because it had a unique ring to my ears.

Also, the “room within a room” in the cafe is used as a school because he teaches English. Staying in the United States for a while came in handy and now he teaches English while managing his cafe.

Indeed, that night was full of surprises. As they say, you can’t judge the book by its cover and Café PLBG is a good example.
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Address: 3F, 71-1 Dongseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu
KR Address: 대구 중구 동성로 71-1
How to get there: Either from Daegu Station (Exit towards dongseongro) or Jungsangro Station Exit 3, come to Gyodong area.
Facebook Account Name: 플라방
Instagram Account Name: café_plabang/카페플라방
Phone: 010-9677-3342
Hours: 12:00-22:00
Closed: No Holiday
English Speaking: The owner/manager, Mr. Woo, nows a little bit of English
Popular Menu: Black and White Vienna coffee, Hawaiian Flamingo and Fullmoon Frog ade, Blueberry Hills for dessert
Menu ordered: The Black Vienna café and Fullmoon Frog Ade had interesting twist to the usual Vienna cafés and ades I have tasted so far.

Café Aventino

I had walked by this place and seen the sign a billion times but I finally had the chance to visit Aventino in downtown Daegu.

The weather was nice and it was getting close to sunset, what better way to enjoy both than a rooftop café?

We saw the sign for Aventino across the parking lot but we actually had a hard time finding the entrance! We even went up the stairs of the wrong building! Once we found the actual entrance we were happy to see an elevator that took us up to the café.

I actually didn’t think that the inside of a rooftop café would look good but it was really super nice! The place is designed almost like a giant living room, with plenty of couches, chairs, tables and places to hang out. I made a note to myself to come back with a book sometime. We ordered a couple of ice americanos and a slice of red velvet cake and had a look around the café. There was a small outside area but if you go up one more floor then there’s a HUGE place to sit on the rooftop. Once our order was ready we headed upstairs and grabbed a table.

The coffee and cake were good, but pretty standard for most places nowadays. I really wished they had a sandwich or some kind of snack on the menu, oh well. What you really want to come here for is the view! Wow! We came right at sunset and it was so nice! Watching all of the lights come on across downtown Daegu was really cool. I noticed that they also sell beer here! Next time I need a quick afternoon beer I know where to come for the best view! I would definitely recommend Aventino if you are looking for a Café that’s different from the big name places, for work or play, this place is a gem.

Quick Facts:
Address: 113-11, Dongseongro 4-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu
KR Address: 대구 중구 동성로4 113-11
Closest Subway: Jungangro Exit 2, It is across from the Novotel next to the big parking lot by 2.28 park.
Phone: 053-253-6113
Hours: Everyday 11:00 - 02:00
English speaking staff: Not really, but they know the menu.

3 most popular menu items: Coffee, Ade, Cherry Yogurt Smoothie