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Living in Korea 101| 3 Benefits of Using Transportation Cards

Daegu Citizen Press 2017
3 Benefits of Using Transportation Cards

I travel all over the city for work and fun.  The public transportation system in Daegu is awesome.  You just have to know the ins and outs of the system.  Today I want to explain the benefits of using transportation cards . So, let us get started.

When boarding a public bus you have the option of paying cash or using a transportation card.  The benefit right away in using the card option is savings!  The difference in cost is cash is 1,400KRW and a card is 1,250.  This adds up in a few weeks. So, I only use the small fob hanging from a clip on my shoulder bag.  It is very convenient and fast.
 Swipe your card on the reader at the front of the bus.  On the display the top number shows the fare charged and the bottom number is the balance remaining on the card. Take your seat.  

As a side note I use google maps.  It is all in English and shows the transfer points.  On the buses and rail transport, the stops are announced in Korean and English and are also shown in Korean and English on an electric sign boards.

When exiting the bus there is also a card reader at the rear of the bus by the steps.  In order to get a free transfer, you need to swipe your card right before getting off the bus.  ****The key here is that you only have 30 minutes to get a free transfer.  Also, you may not re-board the same bus number. You will have to pay again. If the bus you are transferring to has a higher fare, the difference between the fare you paid and the higher fare will automatically be deducted. Subways are the same cost as the normal buses.

Transportation cards may also be used to pay for taxi fares.  There is no discount when paying a taxi fare.  For taxis equipped with card readers the full taxi fare will be deducted from the card.  If the card does not have enough to pay the fare, the difference will have to be paid by some other means.
Also, there is more discount for children and teenagers. In order to get the extra discount, the cards have to be registered at Daegu Bank or with the company that issued the card. Discounted T Money cards may be purchased with proof of age. There are two types of discount cards available for sale, one for teenagers (age 13-18) and the other for children (age 7-12). One needs a proper ID such as a Youth Card or Student ID in order to purchase these cards. Discount cards must be registered via the Internet within 10 days after first use. Registration requires the number on the card, and a National ID number or Foreigner registration number, or, there is a form available on the t-money website that can be emailed to customer service along with supporting documentation.

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