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Outdoor and Indoor Ice Skating Rinks in Daegu: 83 Tower Ice Rink and Shincheon Skating Rink

Daegu Citizen Press 2017
83 Tower Has the famous Ice Rink in Daegu

I never knew that an Ice Rink existed at the 83 tower (Daegu). So I took the opportunity to go and report on it. I will state that I am not an avid skater as such, but the rink was maintained and well lit. You may take a bus or subway to reach 83 tower. However I took my car. Parking is sufficient. Parking will cost you 3,000. So be ready to dig deep folks.

We set off early on Saturday. One thing is for sure, at 11am there are no heavy traffic conditions thus I faced no such stresses. Since this would probably be my last article for 2017, I wanted to go that extra mile and try to skate. The key word here is try. Yes, I barley know how to skate but I love new opportunities and the excitement of trying new things. I set forth my path and learn this latent skill I suppressed for too long.

The management of such a rink is ok. For 8,000 KRW ticket (adult) it’s a great deal. I arrived on the 2nd floor, headed over to the ticket machine, paid and made my way back to the Ice Rink. There, handed over my prepaid ticket, gave my shoe size, and went ahead placed on my skates.

Exciting? You bet your bottom dollar. I entered the ice rink. Skated a few laps, and I had to stop every lap in order to catch my breath and co-ordinate myself.

You need composer when you are trying new things. If you have little patience , then this thing is not for you. My overall experience for the 83 Ice Rink was great and very easy going.

Did I fall? YES. I fell 5 times. Once on my backside, which adjusted my spine and the rest, well let’s just say my hands are red. My final fall, was a fierce back drop, on which I smashed my elbow. After this point, I decided to call it day. If you get hungry, the Ice Rink supply food too.

If there is a chance for you to go this Ice Rink, then GO. This place is loaded with a lots of things to do for couples and families alike. If you go to the 4th floor you may enjoy the views of Daegu. There is also a double decker bus. I have had fun writing articles for Daegu SNS. I have met many wonderful people. 

Daegu Citizen Press 2017
Shincheon Skate Park

It is time to ice skate or sled outdoors at Shincheon Skate Park.  From December 9th until January 28th, the park opens daily at 10AM and closes on weekdays at 8PM or 9PM on weekends.

Opening Day was not too crowded and skate and sled rentals were free. There were smiling faces and happy people everywhere. The schedule below shows skate times during the day.  The gaps in the time are when mandatory break time, when all skaters must leave the ice. There are also three times a day in which the staff roles out the big machine to level out the skating surface.

Skate and sled rentals are for 1,000KRW or all day for 3,000KRW.  This is a great deal!
We arrived at the end of one period and were a little hungry so we stopped in for some boiled eggs, sausage and ramen.  Light snacks are available for reasonable prices.  We always carry hot water, drinking water and light snacks when we are out and about. But, this time opted for hot snacks.  They provide hot water for instant noodles.  Soft drinks and juices are also available.

This is what it looks like during mandatory break times. During the break time, the ice gets a break and freezes up again. After hundreds of skaters are doing many laps, things tend to get wet out there.

Sled rentals are right inside the park to the left.

There are several sets of lockers to store your shoes.  Rental fee is 500KRW. If you open the locker to retrieve something or put more stuff in, you will have to pay another 500KRW, so think ahead.

Skates comein a large variety of sizes.  If you have big feet, you may need to bring your own skates. Helmets are required to be worn at all times while on the ice.  There are different sizes available, but they are not disinfected between uses.

Male and female restrooms are available on site as well.

Then it was time to strap on skates and hit the ice!

Last year, Min Hee only rode the sleds.  We had a blast for many hours.  So, this was her first time on skates and she was excited.  Mom is a skater, dad, not so much.  So, mom took Min Hee hit the ice with her mom. She hugged the wall with many of the other younger (and older) first time skaters.  After a few laps her confidence grew and she was holding her mom’s hand away from the wall. Look out Kim Yuna, maybe Min Hee will be chasing down your records!

It was getting late and almost time for a mandatory break, so we turned in the skates and headed for a few laps around the sledding rink.  When you rent the sled you will also be given a pair of strap on cleats.  Just to keep the parents from falling down and get a little traction to pick up speed!

We are a safety conscious family and always carry a first aid kit with us.  But, there is a first aid office near the sledding rink.

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