Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Transferring at Incheon Airport become convenient when departing from Daegu Airport

Transferring at Incheon Airport become convenient when traveling from Daegu Airport to America and Europe

Here is a great news for Daegurians and people those who considering visiting their loved ones living in Daegu. Starting from January 18, we no longer need to check-in twice at Daegu and Incheon airports when heading to America and Europe!

No double check-ins
When departing from Daegu International Airport, you can simply check-in at the airport and transfer to your connecting flight at Incheon airport without claiming your luggage and checking-in all over again. Likewise, when you come from America or Europe to Daegu airport by transferring at Incheon Airport, you can check-in at the very first departure point and transfer at Incheon airport without extra process!

Transferring now takes 3 minutes

Until now, people have to check out and check in again at Incheon airport, which takes about 60 minutes. Without the extra process, it only takes 3 minutes. 

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