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Where to take kids in Daegu| Daegu Safety Theme Park

Daegu Citizen Press 2017
Daegu Safety Theme Park

The Daegu Safety Theme Park is a very educational place to visit.  I am a dad and I always teach my daughter about being safe.  We visit the theme park once a year to refresh our minds on the dangers in life and how to prevent them or react to them when they happen.

The Daegu subway fire in 2003 is a very important thing to remember.  The first part of the course in building one is to learn what happened on that fateful day.  They have an actual car from the fire and have the ceiling in the same condition it was in after the fire.  The really noticeable thing is the smoke marks on the wall. 

The intense heat from the fire caused damage to fixtures in the station.

The next learning point was how to escape a subway station and some of the safety features all subway stations have that will help us find our way out.

We then moved into a mock subway car and learned about how to escape if there is no power to the doors.

We learned how to get the doors open in an emergency and everyone was given a chance to try it out. We also learned that buses are equipped with hammers to break windows in the event of an emergency.  Subways do not have hammers.  The window must be hit in any corner with a heavy object such as a shoe or book bag.

After we practiced the escape techniques we sat back down.  The fireman reviewed the things we learned and then explained about the smoke that would simulate an actual fire. The simulator uses banana oil.  It is harmless and the fireman does this drill several times a day so we should all feel safe when the smoke begins to enter the car.  After one minute the smoke came into the car and the lights went out. We brought flashlights so my daughter and her BFF were not scared.

The next section of the theme park we went to was mountain safety.  We learned about forest fires, wild pigs, bees, heavy rains, and more.  We crossed a stream using a rope bridge and moved on to the next learning point.

Earthquake safety, this important information and hands-on experience is great for people of all ages.

The next area is learning about the different types of fire extinguishers we may encounter when faced with a fire nearby.  We learned about chemical and liquid fire extinguishers and how to use them.  Everyone was then given a chance to have a little fun learning.

First aid is always important to learn about and we learned about CPR and the differences between adults, toddlers and infants.  We then got some more hands-on experiences.  It is not as easy as it looks.  Also, some people are actually surprised to learn where their heart is.

We took about 4o minutes and grabbed a snack.  Then we went to Building 2. We had made appointments to visit both buildings for a full day of safety related topics.  The first thing we learned about were hallway wall mounted hoses.  Then of course we had some wet fun and everyone took turns practicing. Ring the alarm to warn others!

Then man your hoses!

Next we moved up two floors and learned how to use descending lines to escape from buildings up to 13 floors.  After learning how they work and how to install them we were all given the chance to try it out.  Learning sometimes is a lot of fun!

Next we learned how to escape a smoke filled room.  Again they use a harmless substance to simulate smoke.

The final station in building two is Daegu’s Monorail Experience.  We were taught all of the safety features of the monorail and how to escape in case of an emergency.

Finally, everyone was given a chance to exit the simulator via a slide chute!

You must make reservations, here is how.
Visitors should reserve to use experience facilities.
If you want to participate in the experiences, please make reservation on the theme park home page or by phone
 (Tel 82-53-980-7742~3).
■ Cancellation should be made at least one day before.
 Reserved visitors should arrive at the park 10 minutes before the reservation time and check out the reservation at an information desk.

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