Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Daegu Festival/Event Calendar 2018 - All exciting events to check!

Daegu is known for its exciting festivals and events happening throughout the year. It’s quite tricky to keep track of all these excitements. However, this year will be different since there is the official festival and event calendar for you to see the most fascinating things to do on one page.

You can download the original at Daegu Tourism Bureau. Click the image to go to page. 

Plan your year ahead. Especially, when it gets warmer, there are tons of festivals and nature scenes that you don’t want to miss out!

Daegu Event·Festival Calendar in close-up.

This calendar can be downloaded at Daegu Tourism Bureau Website(click here to view the site)

The calendar is available in Chinese, Japanese and English.

Daegu Citizen Week: Celebrating Daegu Spirit Throughout the city!

Daegu Citizen Week is coming in February 21 to 28 to encourage Daegu spirit among its citizens and celebrate its recent achievements! During the week, numerous events and concerts will take place throughout Daegu. We would like to introduce you selected ones that even people with no or little Korean skills can enjoy.

Basic Information
■ Date: Feb 21 - 28
■ Slogan: Daegu Citizen Spirit to all around the world and to the future!

Notable Achievements

at Cerebration Concert for Enlistment as a Creative City by UNESCO

1. Documents related to Gukchaebosang National Debt Redemption Movement was listed on UNESCO memory of the World Record.
The movement started in Daegu in 1907 and expanded to the rest of Korea to take back economical independence threatened by Japanese oppression.
2. Sinam Martyred Patriots Memorial Cemetery is raised to a national cemetery.
At Sinam Cemetery, 52 Independence Patriots are resingt in peace, which makes it the biggest number of patriots buried at a park.

3. 2.28 Daegu Democracy Movement is raised to a national holiday.
2.28 Democracy movement carries significance since it had resulted in the most important democracy movements such as March 15 Movement and April 19 Revoluion.

4. Daegu was approved as a creative city for music.
Daegu boasts a number of global-scaled music festivals like Daegu International Opera Festival and Daegu International Musical Festival that has been in the scene for more than a decade. Also, Daegu has enjoyed, celebrated and fostered a variety of music genres from traditional music, orchestra, jazz, folk, hip hop and so on.

Exhibition- Documents for 2.28 Democracy Movement
■ Date: Feb 26 – Marc 4
■ Location: Daegu Arts Center (Hall 10)

Exhibition- Documents for Gukchaebosang Movement
■ Date: Feb 19 – 25
■ Location: Daegu Arts Center (Hall 4)

Recreating 2.28!
More than 1,000 citizens create the historical day.
■ Date: Feb 28, 12:55 – 13:30
■ Location: Banwoldang Intersection to Daegu Concert House

Speak out yourself
Share your insight and thought about Daegu with other citizens.
■ Date: Feb 24, 14:00 – 16:00
■ Location: in front of CGV Daegu Hanil

Citizen Week Celebration Concert
■ Date: Feb 23, 19:30 – 20:30
■ Location: Daegu Concert House
Admission: Free

Creative musical, Whistle Blow
Whistle Blow is a work on Gukchaebosang Movement.
■ Date: Feb 22 – 23, 19:30 and Feb 24 – 25, 15:00/19:30
■ Location: Daegu Bongsan Culture Center

5 Winter Things to do in February in Korea (Daegu)

It’s the last day of January today. Even though we are not so excited about 1/12 of 2018 has already passed, we are so ready to embrace all the fun that February will bring to us! Here are 5 things you can do in the last month of winter!

2018 Daegu Wedding Expo
Before the spring wedding season hits, couples are getting busy to get their fantastic wedding at more reasonable price! Here at the Daegu Wedding Expo, you can get to consult with companies for from preparations before wedding to honeymoon after!  

■  Date: Feb 24 – 25
■  Hours: 10:00 – 19:00
■  Location: EXCO
■  Address: 10, Exco-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
■  KR Address:  대구 북구 엑스코로 10
■  Website:
■  Admission: TBA
* RSVP to earn free ticket at its website.

Hillcrest Winter Festival
Hillcrest throws a family-friendly winter festival. Not only is this a great chance to let your children(or yourself) see its fascinating botanic garden and zoo, you can fish smelts and roast chestnuts at its winter festival!

■  Date: Now – Feb 18
■  Hours: weekdays 10:00 -18:00, weekends 10:00 - 19:00 (Adventures and other activities close on Mondays)
■  Address: 1003, Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
■  KR Address:  대구 달성군 가창면 가창로 1003
■  Website:
■  Admission:
2 Winter Festival activities—fishing smelts and roasting chestnuts: 10,500won on Coupang. Price for on site purchase may be higher.
*Free entry until Feb 28
*Charges may occur for other attractions available at the park.

Moomin Original Drawing Exhibition
Daegu MBC offers a chance to get to know a worldly famous Finnish cartoon, Moonin!

■  Date: Now – Apr 1
■  Hours: 10:00 – 19:00
■  Location: Daegu MBC Special Exhibition Hall, “Emga”
■  Address: 400, Dongdaegu-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
■  KR Address:  대구 수성구 동대구로 400 대구문화방송
■  Website: (Korean only)
■  Admission: 12,000KRW for adults, 9,000KRW for teenagers, 7,000KRW for children

Korea Grand Sale
A chance to travel Korea at lower cost is still going on! Korean Grand Sale brings special prices for accommodations, shopping, restaurants and entertainments around Korea! To learn how to get discounts, please read our previous post (click here)

■ Date: Now – Feb 28
■ Location: Seoul, the greater Seoul metropolitan area, Daegu and major local areas all around Korea
■ Website: Click here

Sledding goes on!
Kids and we adults’ favorite winter activity! Some of the most popular sledding sites are still open in February. Have you last winter fun before it’s too late!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Be in Colorful Festival Parade; Anyone Can Apply!

2018 Colorful Daegu Festival
 ■ Date: May 5 – 6 (for 2 days)
 ■ Location: Gukchaebosang-ro Street (From Seoseong Intersection to Jongak Intersection)
 ■ Theme: Passion
 ■ Theme Color: Red
 ■ Slogan: Modira~Colorful! Makada~Parade! (Come, Colorful! Everyone, Parade!)

Application Info
■ Apply: Now – Apr 13(18:00)
■ Eligible: 10 – 100 people/team
*All residence and nationality
■ Requirements
-Parade car, costumes, any decorations and items
-Group dance or/and performance based on your theme song
-Your theme/slogan/theme color should be effectively represented.
■ Submission
1. Application
2. Your theme song
■ Benefits: Participation fee and prize certificate/money.
■ Disclaimer: Anything that goes against the purpose and meaning of festival must not be permitted.

How to apply
-Apply online here: click to apply
-Important Notice
Must attend a workship in April.
Must agree to your portrait’s right to use photos and videos for Daegu Foundation for Culture to promote the festival in the future.
It’s your sole responsible for an infringement of copyright for your performance if any legal conflict occurs. 


Prize Money
# of teams
Grand Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
Grand Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
Grand Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
Family, Kindergarten, Elementary School
Grand Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
Grand Prize
2nd Prize
Grand Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
Public Office
Grand Prize
2nd Prize
Grand Prize
2nd Prize
Colorful Grand Prize
Colorful Special Prize
Colorful Popular Prize

- May not award prize if any team does not meet qualification
- May award prizes after the festival except general prizes and grand prizes.
- grant prize money after deducting tax. Additional document needed from winners.
- Winning teams must perform at the next Colorful Festival

About Jury
-Judges: 10 to 15 experts at festival, performance, etc
-They will position 3 to 5 spots along the parade route.
- Rubric
1. Completeness: 30 points
2. Audience appeal: 30 points
3. Creativeness: 30 points
4. Properness of the number of team members and the performance together: 10 points
- Colorful Popular Prize will be decided by 30 citizens randomly picked to vote among 3 teams.
- Colorful Special Prize will be decided by Judges.

Ice sledding, sledding slope available until February in Korea(Daegu)

It’s finally getting warmer from today! Here are 5 sledding spots that runs until February. If you have an outgoing kid at home, bring her or him at one of these! The kid will surely love the winter-only activity!

#1 Hillcrest

Image: Hillcrest

■ Date: Now – mid Feb (TBD)
■ Hours: weekdays 10:00 – 18:00 / weekend 10:00 - 19:00
■ Location: Hillcrest
■ Address: 1003, Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
■ KR Address: 대구 달성군 가창면 가창로 1003
■ Price: Free
*Entry to Hillcrest is free until the February 28.
*Other activities available at Hillcrest can be purchase at site.

#2 Eworld

Image: Eworld

■ Date: Now – Feb 25
■ Hours: weekdays 10:30 – 17:30 / weekend 10:00 - 18:00
■ Location: Cocomong Snow Village
■ Address: 200, Duryugongwon-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
■ KR Address: 대구시 달서구 두류공원로 200
■ Price(Sledding): 5,000won for Adult, 4,000won for Children
*Free for one-day free pass or yearly pass
*The above information may be different from the entire park's operating hours and admission price.

#3 Daegu Science Museum

■ Date: Now – Feb 28
■ Hours: 10:30 - 17:30
■ Location: Front yard @Daegu Science Museum
■ Address: 20, Techno-daero 6-gil, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
■ KR Address: 대구 달성군 유가면 테크노대로6 20
■ Price: 3,000won/session(including sled rental), 1000won for adult entry.
*only for 13 years old and under.

#4 Suseongmot Lake

Image: Daegu Travel

■ Date: Now – Feb 4
■ Hours: weekdays 10:00 – 18:00 / weekend 10:00 - 21:00
■ Location: Sanghwa Dongsan
■ Address: Suseongmot, Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
■ KR Address: 대구 수성구 두산동 수성못
■ Price:
Sled Rental including entry : 2,000won/session
*Only for 13-years-old and under.

#5 Nature Park (Spa Valley)

Image: Nature Park

■ Date: Now – Feb 18
■ Hours: 11:00 – 18:00
■ Location: Nature Park
■ Address: 891, Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
■ KR Address: 대구광역시 달성군 가창면 가창로 891
■ Price:
Sled Rental NOT including entry : 3,000won
*The above information may be different from the entire park's operating hours and admission price.