Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Dongdaegu Station opens a Send-off Parking Lot with 56 parking spots.

Send-Off Parking Lot @Dongdaegu Station

Send-off Parking Lot is located at the front(West) side of Dongdaegu Station. You can see the big sign "Dongdaegu Station 동대구역" in blue in the back. 

Last November, Dongdaegu Statin finished reconstructing its surroundings to offer more convenient and pleasant experience for visitors. Another great news has released that its “Send-off Parking Lot 맞이주차장” opened today for public! It is located in the west side of the station. It has 56 spots and runs 24/7.

Dongdaegu Station before
Dongdaegu Station now

Send-off Parking Lot is named for a reason that it is specifically made for those who send-off or greet people at Dongdaegu Station. The first 30 min costs 1,000won and each extra 10 min cost 1,000won. Note that the first an hour to two hours costs 30,000won while more than 2 hours costs 50,000won. Therefore, if you plan to park for longer than 1 hour, find another parking lot nearby.

As Send-off Parking Lot is now in operation, illegal parking around Dongdaegu Station will be checked more regularly by police. The Parking lot has a sign at the front that has the capital “P” on it on the top and its name “Dongdaegu Station Send-off Parking Lot 대구역 맞이주차장” in Korean. Please refer to the picture down below. 


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