Tuesday, January 23, 2018

[Exclusive Photos] FOUR MEN: A Sensational K-Drama Filmed in Daegu in 2018!

A list of famous K-drama has filmed some scenes in Daegu; however, not the entire shows! A new Korean drama, Four Men, started its production. A leading producer, Tae-Yoo Jang, who also produced the infamous My Love from the Star, expressed that he would like to deliver a human story based in a genre of fantasy.  What is so great about this news is that Daegu is the main set for this drama!

Earlier this month, Hae-Jin Park and Tae-Yoo Jang visited Daegu City Hall and had press conference with co-starring celebrities-Nana, Si-Yang Kwak and Hui-Ryung Jang.

Later, they moved to Seomun Night Market to take their first shoot. It was a freezing cold night but their enthusiasm were surely visible for the rest of the night. Four Men will be filmed throughout Daegu’s landmarks this year. The show will be aired in the later 2018. If you like to see more updates on Four Men and its stars. Please like our facebook page(click) or subscribe to our blog.

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