Friday, January 19, 2018

Living in Korea 101 | 5 Must-Try Korean Winter Fruits

Many people have a bucket list of Korean food and snacks to try. However, when it comes to a bucket list for fruits, how many of you have one? Fresh, juicy seasonal fruits are a must-try when you are living in Korea with 4 distinctive seasons! Here are a list of 5 most popular Korean winter fruits that you should give a try!

#1 Mandarin Orange
Koreans love mandarin oranges. When the season of mandarin orange comes, many of us can’t stop take our hands from a box of mandarin orange.  It tastes sweet and sour and feels poppy on tongue. A tip to pick a good one is to find a rather sturdy one with thin peel!

Korean name: gyul
Peak Season: September to December

#2 Hallabong mandarins
Another Korean citrus for winter is Hallabong, a hybrid of orange and mandarin. It is a basically good combinations of features of each fruit. It’s easy to peel, firm, juicy and smells heavenly citrusy.

Korean name: 한라봉 Hallbong
Peak Season: December to March

#3 Strawberry
Strawberry. This fruit can be found in almost any dessert during winter season. Strawberry all over the world is awesome. Still, Korean strawberries have incomparable qualities. Hit a local fruit store and get some fresh strawberry and eat it on its own.

Korean name: 딸기 Ddalgi
Peak Season: January to May

#4 Apple
Apple is pretty available all year round. However, it is particularly fresh during its peak season. It’s already January so hurry yourself to a market today:) Apple always bring such joy; a crunch of it instantly gives you rich and sweet juice! 

Korean name: 사과 sagwa
Peak Season: October to December

#5 Dried Persimmon
Persimmon is autumn fruit. However, what if we dry it? It becomes all-year-round fruit. Especially, it is popular during winter.

Korean name: 곶감 gotgam

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