Monday, January 22, 2018

[Living in Korea-Advanced Level] Enrich your life at a Cultural Center 문화센터 알아보기

Our desires to learn is life-long and it does not stop even when we are living in a foreign country. In Korea, one of the easiest ways to take classes is to attend a local cultural center, 문화센터 in Korean. A cultural center offers classes on a variety of topics from crafting and cooking French delicacy to Beethoven’s symphony and belly dancing. The types of classes they offer can vary throughout a year.

We’ve compiled the biggest centers located in Daegu. You can view class schedule, next registration details, etc on the link we provide down below. This is for those who have mastered at least an intermediate level of Korean since the link is in Korean and you need to browse the site in order to find a class at a center near you and register. For those of you who haven’t started learning the language or are studying, I hope this article can inspire to learn more!

Daegu Infrastructure Corporation
Daegu Infrastructure Corporation allows users to register for classes at 3 sites: Daegu Olympic Memorial Hall, Seojae Culture and Sports Center and Duryu Swimming Pool

Lotte Mart Culture Center
Branch: Yulha and Chilseong, Buk-gu

Homeplus Culture Center
Branch: Namdaegu, Sangin, Suseong, Daegu Stadium, Daegu, Dongchon, Seongseo, Chilgok

Emart Culture Center
Branch: Banyawol, Wolbae

Daegu Cultural Center For Students
In Dalseo-gu

Daegu MBC Culture Center
Branch: Daegu MBC Headquarter, Daegu MBC Academy, Lotte Department Store-Sangin

Debec Culture Center
Branch: Debec Plaza

Daegu Shinsegae Academy
Branch: Daegu Shinsegae Department Store

Daegu Hyundai Culture Center
Branch: Daegu Hyundai Department Store

Lotte Culture Center
Branch: Lotte Department Store-Daegu, Lotte Department Store-Sangin

Cultural Centers offer classes on a variety of topics. 

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