Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Preview 2018: Ways to Get Involved in Local Community (Festivals and more!)

You’ve worked hard on your Korean skills, it’s time to benefit from it! We’ve compiled some of the most note-worthy opportunities to get involved in the local community with some level of Korean proficiency. For your splendid 2018, let’s get started!

Be part of Colorful Festival

Daegu’s signature Colorful Festival is truly made of its colorful people participating in it! From 2018 posters, UCC contest, parade to b-boy contest and volunteering, Colorful Festival will start looking for talents soon. Assuming from last year’s announcements, they will come out beginning this month! So, favorite the link down below and keep yourself updated for application announcement!
You can find general information about the festival in English and Korean. However, to view latest announcement, you need to visit Korean page.
■ Official website: Click here
■ Latest announcement: Click here

Showcase your work @International Bodypainting Festival

One of Korea’s most fascinating festivals is the annual Daegu International Bodypainting Festival! DIBF 2017 was also featured in BCC. Like it suggest in its name, “international”, it calls for international talents each year and many competent artists travel all the way to Korea to join the event. If you are interested, why not applying? You are already in Daegu and talented, Colorful Daegu needs you!
DIBF 2018 website has not come out yet. FYI, last’s application was due the end of July.
■Official website: Click here

Sing away @The 29th Beauty “Dongseongro Festival”

How fun it would be to sing away your favorite song at the heart of Daegu? Dongseongro Festival has been here almost 30 years and each year it holds singing contest in which everyone is welcome to participate! Application is already open, please click the link below. You can also get involved by doing community service for the festival!

■Official website: Click here
■Application for Singing Contest: Click here
■Application for Supporters or Volunteering: Click here

Give back to community via 1365.go.kr

Speaking of community service, if you are looking for a way to find service opportunities all year round, you can visit 1365.go.kr. It is Korea’s community service portal run by the government. You can search for a chance by service type, date, etc. How convenient!
■Official website: Click here

Get your voice heard @2018 10th Daegu Queer Culture Festival

Colorful Daegu. LGBTQ’s rainbow. They just make sense! 2018 Daegu Queer Culture Festival will surely happen again if you keep your support up for the cause. Although there isn’t any official announcements for specific parts of the festival you can apply for, you can inquire to the person in charge if you can speak Korean 

■Twitter: Click here
■Contact: queerfes@daum.net


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