Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Save Utility Bills and Stay Warm: 4 Ways to Save Money in Korean Winter

Korean winter can get brutal from time to time even in Daegu, one of warmer areas in Korea. For that reason, Koreans have grown their wisdom to stay warm at the most effective cost. Here are 4 ways to save money during wintertime.

1. Wear layers at home
Even when you are home, keep your body layered with multiple thin clothes. Besides, underwear, a Korean would wear a set of heattech inner-wear(with an extra heattect top for someone who is especially vulnerable to coldness), a winter top and bottom with a padded vest or fleece and a pair of thick socks. Some people even wear a jacket at home.

2. Throw winter curtains on
When winter comes, change your think spring/summer curtains to winter curtains whose fabrics are much thicker and better at prevent the cold air from entering your home. If you’d rather not invest more money, you can make sure all edges of curtains are well stuck to the wall with easily removable tapes or lean something against them.

3. Be away from windows.
As simple as it sounds, stay away from windows or entrance where it’s the coldest in your room. Especially, if your bed is located near them, it’s a good idea to move the bed during winter.

4. Use electric mat
A significant number of Koreans use electric mats on their beds to stay warm during sleep. It comes in a variety of prices so search for a reasonable one with many positive reviews at a popular shopping mall like 11st, Auction, Gmarket or Coupang.

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