Thursday, January 11, 2018

Savvy Traveler’s Choices: Korea Stamp Tour, Street Tour, City Tour, Cheongna Bus Tour, Korea Travel Week! (PREVIEW 2018)

We savvy travelers love getting ourselves informed before we go on our exploration! Here are 5 smart ways that can make your travel even easier!


One of the most fun ways to enjoy landmarks of Daegu is to go on a Daegu Stamp Trail Tour! It marks the 18th year in 2018! Grab a booklet at a Daegu Tourist Information Center near you and star exploring Daegu. There were 64 places on the list last year, who knows what additional landmarks will be included this year? Korean citizens have to complete 30 and expats 10 off the list to claim your reward and official certificate! If you have a kid, it will bring the kid a great memory exploring a foreign city with parents!

■ When: Around March to September
■ Official website: Click here
■ Where to buy Stamp Booklet: Clike here


Gyesan Catholic Church

Jung-gu, which is the central district in Daegu, is full of rich historical and cultural heritages. To guide you to explore the heart of Daegu with a tour guide or, even better, on your own, Jung-gu Office has created  this fantastic street tour! It is comprised of 5 courses. Korean guide is available for all courses and English one for Course 2. Course 2 include many landmarks on Modern Culture Street that  brings a significant portion of annual tourist population. The course will surely make you fall in love with the city even more.

■ When: All year round­­
■ Official website: Click here

Course 2


2nd floor on a double-decker

Now, expanding our horizon, DAEGU CITY TOUR. It has mainly two routes available: Urban Route and Themed Routes. Urban Route is the one that red double-decker bus takes you around downtown. You don’t need to book for this. Just hop on one of the stops and hop off whenever you want. It is unlimited 1 –day pass. On the other hand, prior reservation is required for a Themed Routes. Theme routes offers an convenient opportunity to adventure the outskirt of Daegu such as Mt. Palgong and Nakdong River.
■ When: All year round
■ Official website:
For Urban Route(double-decker ride): Click here
For Themed Routes: Click here
■ Price: 5,000won for adult


If you specifically looking for a way to look around downtown area, take Daegu Trolly Bus instead. The Trolly Bus is just like City Tour Bus-Urban Route; you can hop on and off whenever you want. More stops are located inside downtown and price is cheaper.

■ When: All year round
■ Official website: Click here
■ Price: 3,000won for adult

Trolly Bus Route


Last but not least, Travel Week is another fun way to travel Daegu and the rest of Korea! (Disclaimer ahead: you might need some level of Korean proficiency to earn all the benefits they have to offer!) Around April and October, Spring Travel Week and Fall Travel Week start respectively. During these weeks, a lot of tourist attractions throw out special events and offer discount prices. It also offers Travel Week Stamp Tour, which spices up your trip! 

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