Monday, January 8, 2018

Where to Recharge T-money Transit Card (Korean Transit Card)

If you have landed on this page, you’ve probably heard of T-money, a prepaid transit cards used in Korea. Once you buy a physical card, the only thing you need to do is recharging it whenever you need to. You can charge from 1,000won upto 90,000won each time(some stores upto 50,000won) and a card can carry up to 500,000won. The following is the

1. Convenience Stores
All major convenience stores you see when you walk along the streets are affiliated with T-money. You can charge your T-money card at the following:
GS25, CU, Seven Eleven, By the Way, MiniStop, Storyway, IGA Mart, C SPACE, Withme, etc

2. ATMs
You can also charge your T-money card at the ATMs by the following banks:
Shinhan, Hana, Woori, Jeju, Nonghyup, Woochaeguk, Kookmin

3. Subway Station
Conveniently, T-money can be charged at automatic recharging machines at subway stations.

4. Others

Although above three options cover what you all need to know, there are some other places that let you recharge T-money card. Booth at the bus stops with T-money sign on them also has recharging machines.

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