Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to go Pyeongchang Olympic Games from Daegu (or Seoul)

Finally, we are in the month of Pyeongchange 2018 Olympics and Paralympics! Spectator from all over the world is coming in Korea to see the games and also tour around Korea! Luckily for most of you, you are already living in Korea. The only thing we need to make sure is how to get to Pyeonchang from Daegu! Today, we are introducing a way to go there by train(KTX) If you are looking for more affordable options like taking a bus, stay tuned for another article!

Which Station to go
Pyeongchang Station
Pheonix Snow Park
Olympics: Freestyle Skiing, Snowboard(Parallel Giant Slalom, Halfpipe, Snowboard Cross, Slopestyle)

Jinbu Station
Alpensia Olympic Park
Olympics: Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing, Nordic Combined, Ski Jumping, Snowboard(Big Air)
Paralympics: Cross-Country Skiing, Biathlon
Jeongseon Alpine Centre
Olympics: Alpine Ski(Downhill, Super-G, Alpine Combined)
Paralympics: Alpine Ski, Snowboard
Yongpyong Alpine Centre
Olympics: Alpine Ski(Giant Slalom, Slalom, Nation Team Event)
Olympic Sliding Centre
Olympics: Bobsleighm, Luge, Skeleton

Gangneung Station
Gangneung Hockey Centre
Olympics: Ice Hockey, Curling, Figure Skating, Short Track Speed Skating, Speed Skating
Paralympics: Ice Hockey, Wheelchair Curling
Kwandong Hockey Centre
Olympics: Ice Hockey

How to go from Daegu

Pyeongchang Station
Dongdaegu Station – Seoul Station – Pyeongchang Station
 Total time (including transferring time): 200 – 240min
 Price: 63,200won for adult

Jinbu Station
Dongdaegu Station – Seoul Station – Jinbu Station
 Total time (including transferring time): 205 - 250min
 Price: 65,400won for adult

Gangneung Station
Dongdaegu Station – Seoul Station – Gangneung Station
 Total time (including transferring time): 210– 240min
 Price: 71,100won for adult


Seoul Station

A free shuttle bus, “Pyeongchange e-bus”
Requirement: people with Olympic ticket or any of the Cultural Olympiad performances can ride.
Details: click here

Paid Shuttle Bus (SEOUL Station – JINBU and GANGNEUNG Stations)
to Jinbu: 22,000won
to Gangreung: 27,600won
Details: click here

Olympics Transport Spectators
Date: Feb 8 – 26
Hour: 3 hours before the first match of the day to 2 hours after the last match.
Price: Free for all
*Olympic ticket not needed.
Details: click here

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