Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Journey to Find Lost Past Reaches to Daegu and their Surprising Gift.

An American doctor comes back to the motherland
A Korean-American doctor, Juliana Damon made her visit to Daegu City Hall to deliver her 5,000 dollars donation in person to express her gratitude for Daegu Metropolitan City. Juliana was adopted from South Korea to U.S. at the age of 2. She grew up in Massachusetts, graduated from Harvard University and now works as a pediatrician in San Francisco.
Since young, she has been always curious about her birth mother and the background before coming to the states. She gave a photo of her used for adoption to a friend, asking to help Juliana find her roots.

Juliana is listening to greetings by Daegu City Gender Equality and Family Policy officer.

Pieces of her past are revealed
It was revealed that she was in Daegu before she was adopted to an American home. Her friend asked Daegu Metropolitan City for a help. Daegu city found that she was born Nomi Kim to Soon-yi Kim in Chilgok, Gyueongsangbuk-do in 1972. Her mother and she entered Daegu City Hope Village, a welfare center for the homeless, with her birth mother in January 1973. After two months, she left her mother who was not able to take care of her and moved to a day nursery. Later in July, two loving hearts from across the Pacific Ocean adopted Juliana Damon and she crossed the ocean.
More information was revealed. Her biological mother passed away in June the year she was adopted at the Hope Village. Instead of Nomi Kim, she was adopted under the name of Dae 
Sook Lee.

She was adopted under the name Lee Dae Sook

Their journey to Korean begins
Juliana and her husband, Paul Espinas, started talking about her journey to find roots in Korea two years ago. Finally today, the couple, their two loving daughters and a mother-in-law made their visit in Daegu. Each family member expressed gratitude for all people who have helped find the missing information even before they got to the peninsula. Juliana said that she was lucky and surprised to find the information because it is common to fail information with aged evidences and she is one of many adoptees. She stressed that Daegu city’s work to take care of orphans is great but she hopes to see this city-wise effort to help search lost past for adoptees continue and expand. She expressed that her donation now is small but the donation and visit will continue in the future.

Juliana's Husband, Paul(left) and their second daughter(right)
Juliana's mother-in-law, two daughter and husband shared their thoughts about the journey.

In hope of continuing the loving gestures to more adoptees
5,000 dollars came from her parents who gave it to Julie so that she can buy things in Korea. Juliana had been thinking of ways to express her gratitude for those who helped including her friend. Naturally, her conclusion came to an end to donate the money to Daegu Metropolitan City to help unmarried mothers. We sincerely thank Juliana and her family for the love and generosity.

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