Thursday, March 8, 2018

Remove Snow In Front of Your Home and Stores

This morning, Daegu had the heaviest snow fall this winter! The entire city is covered with snow! Snow view is spectacular but it is hard to commute and move around in the presence of snow on streets and roads. Daegu City Hall and citizens has been clearing away snows across the city. Thank you so much for everyone who’s been so kind and responsible to remove snow from the streets!

Daegu Arboretum
Image: Jung-gu Office

When it snows, it’s important to get rid of the snow before it freezes. It is a civic duty states in the ordinance.

Time: Within 4 hours after snow stopped.
When it snows at night, by 11am.
Extent: From the building to 1 – 1.5m away
so that people can walk

You can use snow-removal materials inside the containers that looks like the picture above. They are sporadically placed on the streets and contain calcium chloride and sands for slippery pavements.

Also, the following is snow safety tips you can refer to.
Refrain from going outside.
Put on sneakers or mountain-climbing boots when going outside.
Please take your hand out of pockets when walking on snow.
Refrain from talking on the phone when walking.
Make sure car stopped when using crosswalk
Hold handrail when climbing stairs.
Walking at night is not recommended.

Please stay safe everyone and let’s keep Daegu beautiful and safe! Thank you so much for cooperating in advance! 

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