Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Yellow Dust Safety Tips & Weather Forecast in Korea

Yellow dust, the unwelcomed visitors of the spring, blows from China and Mongolia and comes to Korea especially during spring. Sometimes, the level of yellow dust in the air can reach a dangerous points. It is important to keep yourself updated on yellow dust news and follow safety instructions. If you raise a kid or have a senior at home, please make sure they stay strict to the instructions more than others.

Stay tuned to Yellow Dust Advisory or Warning.
  - Listen to weather forecast on TV, radio or Internet.
- Check online at http://aqicn.org/city/daegu/
- Dial 131 *ENG and CHN available


1. Avoid outdoor activities

2. Please remember the following when you go out.

  - Wear a mask specifically designed for dust prevention.
  - Wear long sleeved clothing and protective glasses.
- Wear glasses instead of contact lens.
- Do not eat food or drink that is kept outside.

3. When indoors, please keep in mind the following instructions.

  - Keep windows and doors completely close.
  - Wipe the inside your home frequently.
  - Keep room humidity by 40 ~ 50%.

4. Keep your personal hygiene.

  - Take a sufficient amount of water.
  - Shake the dust off from clothes, shoes, bags, etc after using them.
- Wash your skin exposed to the dust and brush your teeth. 

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