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Donarium Cherry Blossoms at Wolgok History Park | Daegu, South Korea

Find peace and Enjoy the Beauty of Spring at Wolgok History Park

Are you looking for a place to walk around, relax and enjoy the beauty of spring but don’t want to go faraway?  Visit Wolgok History Park, a park located near Wolchon Station on the Red Line of Daegu Subway. It’s a small park yet a nice place to visit. It’s pretty quiet which is good for relaxation. The bamboo forest trail from the main entrance leading to the museum and even the old Korean-style houses are a great background for a photo

Walking through the Bamboo Forest Trail at Wolgok History Park
Korean-style houses surrounded by lush green trees

The best time to visit Wolgok History Park is when pretty pink Donarium cherry blossoms located near the back gate are in full bloom.

Walk through the tunnel of Donarium cherry blossoms at Wolgok History Park

Donarium cherry blossoms are locally known as “gyeop beotkkot” (layered cherry blossoms) due to its layered petals.  Some people also call it “wang beotkkot” (king’s cherry blossoms). However, the real “wang beot kkot” is slightly different from the Donarium cherry blossoms.

Donarium cherry blossoms against the wall of Wolgok History Museum

When the weather is nice, many people come to the park to take photos of and with the Donarium cherry blossoms. With their light pink tint, the donarium cherry blossoms look really pretty in photos. Even when it is raining they still look so pretty.

Aside from the Donarium cherry blossoms, the azaleas were also in full bloom. The scenery around the park looked really nice. The fresh green leaves of the trees and the bright colors of the flowers in bloom seemed more vibrant because of the rain.

Beautiful azaleas in bloom

Other things to see at the park are the Nakdong Seowon, Wolgok History Museum, and a seated statue of General Wolgok, Woo Bae-seon (
월곡 우배선 장군), the general to whom the park was named after.

Nakdong Seowon
A seated statue of General Wolgok
Though our little adventure to Wolgok History Park was short, I really enjoyed the beauty, freshness and quietness of the place. I will certainly re-visit this place when the weather is a lot better.

How to get there

[By Subway]
Take subway Line 1 and get off at Wolchon Station. Take Exit 7 and walk straight. Turn left at the entrance of Songhyeon Apartment Complex (송현 아파트 단지). Walk straight and turn right at Paris Baguette. Walk for about 2 minutes more and you’ll find the Park to your right.

Entrance of Songhyeon Apartment Complex

[By Bus]
Take bus #650, 649, #836 #726 #Dalseong 2, #600, #606 and #618 and get off at Gyeongbuk Machinery Technical High School (경북기계공고). After getting off the bus, then cross the street towards Songhyeon Apartment Complex (송현 아파트 단지). Turn left and walk straight until you reach the entrance of Songhyeon Apartment Complex and follow the rest of the directions above.

Tourist Information
The front of Wolgok History Museum

Name of Destination: Wolgok History Park (월곡 역사 공원)
Address: 38, Songhyeon-ro 7-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu (대구광역시 달서구 송현로7 38)
Telephone No.: 053-667-2798

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