Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Spring Campus in Korea| Kyungpook University in Daegu (Enjoy Spring Blossoms)

The Ultimate Guide to Enjoy Spring of KNU

Spring is the most beautiful time to come visit Kyungpook National University(KNU). KNU has four campuses in Gyeongbuk province, today we will visit main campus which located in the heart of the Deagu city in Buk-gu area.

Visiting in person is a great way to get the feel of life, atmosphere and beautiful views at KNU especially in spring time, you can take the opportunity to hang out and check out yourself  awesome views in KNU main campus.

Even though time of cherry blossom was over one week ago, but now is the peak bloom of donarium cherry, tulip, azalea and many other flowers.

Here are some spots you must see in KNU.
In front of main building, nature lovers can knock yourself out! Walk out into the garden and hangout with some coffees, snacks, there is even a recreation and play area where couples can drop off their kids. Do make sure you have time to enjoy well worth the effort.

From the main gate, go along this road you can car park and walk along the path. It is quite easy to stop and take some photos, take seats or relax with your friends on the grass. On this way, visitors are rewarded with a huge beautiful and colorful flower as well as breathtaking views of KNU.

From the North gate, you can see wonderful landscape around Global Plaza and Agriculture and Life Sciences buildings which opposite GP. Along this road you can park your car and walk around to relax, and be sure to smell the flowers along the way.

Along the West gate and nearby stadium, there are also amazing feature around each building, feel free to relax and view the different sights here.

EN: 80, Daehak-ro, Bukgu, Deagu
KR: 대구 북구 대학로 80
If you travel by public transportation, take bus to Kyungpook National University to Main gate or North gate.

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