Friday, May 11, 2018

5 Best Macaron Places in Daegu| Best view, Best value, Mini Macarons, etc

Oh. My. Macaron! There are two types of people in Daegu. Those that don’t care for MEH-macarons, and those that LOOOOOVE the macarons and must try ALLLLLLL the macarons. I am one of the later types of people! I’m talking about macaRONS, not macaROONS (the coconut based cookie).
But not all macarons are created equal. It might have the pretty colors and the inviting crème filling, but some macarons are just flavorless sugar and a chewy disappointment. There is no point in eating a macaron if it is boring! I made it my free mission to find 5 unique DELICIOUS macaron experiences in Daegu for both the macaron newbie AND the macaron junkie. Daegu did not disappoint!

1. Mini Macarons

Jeen’s is an upscale chocolatier that offers a quick purchase opportunity of mini macarons convenient for take-out and easy for sharing. The solitary container of less than perfect condition mini macarons in the display case are just for show! The perfect ones meant for purchase are actually kept refrigerated in a back area. Give it a few minutes to return to room temperature, and then the bite-sized treats will be ready for sampling. At 9,000 won, you may want to pick wisely who you share them with!

Jeen’s Chocolatier Patisserie, 715-21, Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu

2. Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Macarons

Paris Baguette Café is known mainly for its bakery and brunch items – not necessarily for macarons OR ice cream. And yet this frozen treat masterfully combines both! Though completely worth the 3,500 won price tag, you might be tempted to take a couple of bites then think “Gosh! This is a lot of ice cream,” and save the rest in your freezer box for another time. You won’t get far. You’ll eat the rest and wonder why you didn’t buy more than one. I only found 2 flavors so far (blueberry and cookie), but definitely look forward to trying more flavors if they exist!! As a bonus, the ultimate macaron (or espresso) lover in your life may enjoy a full-sized, macaron-decorated, espresso-flavored cake available for 34,000 won.    

Any Paris Baguette. My local Café located at 539-1 Bongdeok 2(i)-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu

3. Best View while eating Macaron

83 Grill by Ashley is the rotating restaurant on the 78th floor of the Daegu 83 Tower. They do offer gourmet lunch and dinner meal sets that will delight the senses and cost many cents(es)…or won! The afternoon Tea Tower set is an actual AFFORDABLE luxury that includes…you guessed it! Macarons. The smaller, regular macarons were nice, but if you are lucky… you will find the BEST. GIANT. HANDMADE. MACARON. EVER. My wish is that you experience this treat also! But there’s more! There are many other superior dessert offerings on the tower like the carrot cake…brownies…oreo cream pie…cheesecake…tea sandwiches…etc. The view can’t be beat though, the tea is of the finest flavors, and your celebration event will be remembered as very special. A celebration like a birthday, anniversary, or ANY day this Spring (because macarons THAT’S why)!!!

Make reservations in advance as it takes 30 minutes to assemble the individual desserts going on your tea tower! Last reservation spot is at 3:45 pm. The Dessert Tea Tower set is not offered during dinner hours. 39,000 won for 2 tiers on your Dessert Tea Tower also includes any tea or coffee of your choice for 2 persons. 49,000 won for 3 tiers on your Dessert Tea Tower also includes any tea or coffee of your choice for 2 persons. I figure…go big or go home! I want all the options every time I go! Additional guests are 13,000 won per person while nothing is added to the purchased dessert tower. Folks, it’s sooo fun!!

83 Grill by Ashley, 200 Duryugongwon-ro, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu

4. Best Value Macarons

Mariwhale Macaron is HANDS DOWN the best tasting traditional macaron in Daegu. They WERE the cheapest at 900 won per macaron until they changed the menu offering more type variety for a slightly higher price. Still amazing Macarons now start at 1,000 won and max out at their yummiest flavor (in my opinion) of chocopresso for 1,500 won. My friend was eyeballing the Nutella flavor last time we visited! Still super cheap compared to ANY corner café offering MEH-macarons between 2,500-4,000 won each. Pick any flavor that you already have a preference toward, and these macarons will not disappoint! The fresh meringue crackle is there…the full-bodied taste of the flavor is there…every. single. time. There are 2 locations in downtown Daegu and I have been known to visit both in the same night. Might as well get a mocha while you are there. Just as good as the macarons!!!

Mariwhale Macaron, 18-5, Samdeok-dog 1-ga & 59-6 Namil-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu

5. New Creation Macaron

This macaron…where do I begin? When you are writing an article about macarons, you tend to see macarons everywhere. I mean MEH-macarons EVERYWHERE. In boxes in the freezer section of grocery stores, as dessert options on buffet lines, and at food courts in high end department stores. You start to lose hope that you will find anything NEW – that is tasty. Here it is! Inspired by traditional strawberry shortcake, these giant meringue cookies are baked perfectly and full of fine flavor. The filling of whipped cream & fresh strawberries begs for each bite to be savored. We split this 5,500 won dessert between 4 ladies, and no one was left dissatisfied. It was THAT big! It was my first time using a knife & fork to eat a macaron.  It won’t be my last!! I am visiting this spacious café near Suseungmot Lake again tomorrow!!!

Tumtree Project, 138, Yonghak-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu  No Website, 053-944-3912

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