Friday, May 25, 2018

Hungary to Korea | Budapest to Daegu (Studying abroad in Korea)

My journey to come to Deagu!

I worked in the Korean Cultural Centre in Hungary, Budapest between 2014 and 2017, where part if my job was to assist with organization of several Korean Arts and Culture Festivals, Film Festival and special art exhibitions. It is captivating for me to see hour deep Hungarian people's interest in Korean Culture is, and I am pleased that through my job at the Korean Cultural Centre in Hungary. I have been in a position to see that two countries have forged an increasingly close relationship over the years, thanks to all the cultural programs held in South Korea and Hungary.
I had lots of opportunities to meet with Korean artist, dancers or singers and deepen my knowledge about Korean culture and art. I participated in a Korean language training,  qayageum class and dance class too.

My gayageum practice in the Tea Ceremony room, Korean Culture Center, Budapest, Hungary.

In this time I studied at ELTE University in Budapest. My minor was Korean Studies. The minor training included Korean history, language, art industries, literature and Korean film.
I got KGSP Scholarship in 2017. This scholarship gives me an opportunity to study Korean culture in the midst of the Korean people, to get to know social customs and traditions. I started the language training at Deagu University in September, 2017.

The first travel with my classmate from Daegu University in 2017

I feel Daegu is my second home town and I have lots of unforgettable memories. I study with exchange students and made a friendship with different nation of people. I have friend in Japan, Egypt and Kazakhstan too. We traveled together, and tried delicious food and saw beautiful places in South-Korea.

Deagu is a really fantastic and livable town in South-Korea. There are lots of markets and department stores where you can buy everything what you need. There are lots of foreign brand too and some lactose free product.
How much do you need? It is depend on you!
If you love Korean food, you can eat in a university's restaurants (from 3500 won/meal) or in a restaurant (from 6000 won/meal). There are lots of Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese restaurant in a city center if you want to try new tastes or miss your hometown food.
Korean Government Scholarship Program provide 900.000 won/ months for a student. It is enough to house rental fee (250.000~300.000 won/one-room flat), utilities, public transport (~70.000 won/person) and meal. Deagu is cheaper than Busan or Seoul. I am glad to came here.
Some tips for newbies:
1.    You can buy delicious and cheap, fresh vegetables and fruits in a market. It is more cheaper than supermarket.
They always have some kind words and sometimes give little more than you ordered.
2.    My favorite market is: Gwanmun Market(관문시장).
There are a lots of second-hand shop where you can buy everything. I bought a really beautiful hanbok. The price is 10.000 won. It is a good opportunity if you want to buy one for special events, but don't want to spend lots of money.
3.    If you have a big size shoes, you cannot buy it in a shop, just order it online. When you come bring some shoes!

My luggage when I came to Korea. This is a Cherry queen chocolate and Advent calendar, my husband's favourite one. Unfortunately I can not buy this kind of chocolate in Korea. 

When I came I just put lots of chocolate and clothes in my bag. Plane ticket is around 800.000 won/one-way ticket. The fastest flight is 12 hours 45 minutes from Budapest Airport to Incheon Airport.
When I go back to Budapest? I don't know, I really love live here!

My friend drawn it for me. It is me in my way to Korea.

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