Monday, May 28, 2018

Korea's Spring Snack: Corn dog, Long cheese stick, Korean style pizza, Korean fried chicken, Korean style waffle

5 Korean snacks you won’t regret trying!

Korea is famous for a lot of reasons; home to LG and Samsung, the most fast internet connection in the world, spicy food, Gangnam Style… but did you know that Korea has some AMAZING street food? When I first came to Korea I was surprised at all the different kind of food you could try in the streets! From traditional Korean sweet rice snacks to mini hamburgers or all kind of different ice cream, Korean streets are filled with delicious snacks to fill your stomach! I went outside and explore this wonderful world of Korean street food to try and find the best of the best! Starting to feel hungry? Let’s start with something essential when we talk about Korean street food: the hotdogs!

No 1 - Korean style corn dog

This funny looking corn dog you see here is one of the most popular: sausage + potatoes! Best combination ever created! This hotdog can be found everywhere; from traditional markets to small stand close to schools or Myeongrang Hotdog chain store! The main difference with hotdogs from other countries is that usually is poured with a sugar, giving it a unique but delicious taste! Also, you can choose different sauces to put in yours: ketchup, honey mustard, chili sauce, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, among others. The possibilities are endless! A funny detail is that what we usually call corndog in English, for Koreans is a hotdog, don’t be confused! :)

Where to find it: Myeongrang Hotdog, near schools, traditional markets.

No 2 - Long cheese stick

Next, let’s try a snack that cheese lovers cannot miss! The long cheese stick!! You can find this in 11:45 A hungry time stores. We tried the bulgogi flavor, but I’m sure the sweet potato or the dakgalbi (spice chicken) ones were also delicious! With these snacks you can also choose the sauce you want, get creative! You can order it in one piece or cut for your convenience.

Where to find it: 11:45 A hungry time (Address: 56, Dongseong-ro 3-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu)

No 3 - Korean style pizza

You may ask what Korean style pizza is, but if you come to Korea and order a pizza you will see! Koreans love to put all different kind of sauces in their pizzas, and other ingredients we usually don’t put in the simple Italian pizza style: corn, steak, sweet cream, crab, sweet potato. It’s so different from other countries’ pizza that I think they deserve their own category! And a good place to try is Shutter, in downtown Daegu, here you can taste some Korean style pizza in the form of a snack! I tried the cream cheese bacon pizza and I was amazed by the combination of sweet cream and bacon, a must try if you come to Korea!

Where to find it: Shutter Pizza Dongseongro (Address:49-17, Dongseong-ro 2-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu) Shutter Pizza Sangin(Lotte Department Store, B1)

No 4 - Korean fried chicken

The next snack is one of my favorites, Korean fried chicken! In Korea people jokingly says that KFC actually stands for Korean Fried Chicken!! And I have to tell you, Korean fried chicken is the BEST! Korea being the country of convenience, of course you can have a snack of fried chicken! We went to the famous Banwoldang Chicken Gangjeong. You can only find this in Daegu, so don’t miss it while you are here! We tried the chicken with crunchy and rice tteok!

Where to find it: Banwoldang station, Jungangno station, Dongdaegu station

No 5 - Korean style waffle

And last, how about a sweet treat? Who doesn’t absolutely love waffles? And delicious flavors like chocolate, cream, banana, strawberry, nutella or cinnamon? All of these flavor, and more, can be found in the waffles of Korea! Don’t feel bad if you are in a diet, as Koreans says: 맛있으면 영칼로리! (If it’s delicious, it has no calories!) Don’t miss this snack when you go outside!

Where to find it:  Waffle Khan(Address: 406-8, Jungang-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu), Waffleria(
378-2, Jungang-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu)

The price of all of this snacks are from 2000 won to 4500 won, eating delicious and cheap is one of the things I love most about Korea! Also you can find all this snacks and much more almost everywhere! If you want to know more about Korean snacks, keep following our blog and Facebook! :) Enjoy the food!

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