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May College Festival Season| Student and University Culture in South Korea

In Korea, a new semester starts in the early March unlike schools in other countries. Spring means a new start in lots of different senses for Koreans: new season, beginning of new life for nature, beginning of school year, beginning of a new phase of life(if you enter  elementary, middle or high school or even college), beginning of adulthood after finishing your education, etc.
As a result, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation among students in spring. This elevates in May, after all midterms is over, when colleges across the nation hold their own festivals. Koreans call this period  “College Festival Season”
Daegu Citizen Press, Junaid Haider and Pham Toan, are sharing their experiences at festivals at their colleges this year. I hope you all enjoy!

Yeungnam University Festival
Kyungpook University Festival

Yeungnam University Annual May festival

Yeungnam university is one of the oldest private university of South Korea founded by President Park Chung-Hee, located in Gyeongsan near Daegu city. Being a well-known and research-based environment, numerous foreign and exchange students are there for study and cultural exchange. To enhance the cultural exposure and improve the standards, different types of events are conducted by the admin throughout the year. Annual May Rock festival is one among them.

Figure 1: Masterpiece depiction

Every year after the 3rd week of May it is started and stays for three days, usually Wednesday to Friday. All three days very well-known celebrities are invited for unlimited fun. Students from different universities are welcomed to take part in the activities i.e. apply for booths to sell the food, tattoos and body painting, cocktail stall, variety of foods from different countries, cultural exposure, games, and endless fun.

Figure 2: Stage preparation

Like previous years, this year it was hell of fun there as an 8th YU annual festival held in the main campus as usual with full swing.

The event started on 23rd May in the evening and yes it was PSY day. A very famous singer and musician was invited to rock the stage. Before PSY’s arrival local singers and dancers compelled the crowed to wave.

XOX dancing and singing group made the environment for most awaited moment of the day.

Figure 3: XOX stage performance

Now it’s PSY’s turn. There was shouting of his name and people settle down to make the space for enjoying the climax of the day. He made my day for singing the energetic songs especially, oppa Gangnam style.

Figure 4: PSY performance, the most energetic singing

Crowed started to join from evening due to sunny day but it was food and drinking day. Number of stalls were planted for the audience to enjoy the Korean and foreign foods such as, BBQ, fries and tornado potato, fried chicken, samkyopsal and many more.

Figure 5: stalls for the attraction of audience

For stage performance, it was wrapping and Hiphop day. Swings (Moon Ji-Hoon) and Dokdo were invited to put the colors in the festival with his performance.

Figure 6: swings with full swing crowed

The final day had unlimited fun. There was fire works act on the stage before 10 cm (singers) performance. 10 cm is the group of two persons and name comes from the height difference of both, one is guitarist other is the vocalist. Hug song and Hold me (안아줘요) are the most famous songs ever recorded of this band.

Figure 7: K-pop singing with a professional guitarist

Video: 10cm

It was soulful and most appealing to me due to love in the words, sweetness in the voice, and spiritual effect on the audience made my day so meaningful.

2018 Kyungpook National University Festival

From the first days I’d just arrived in KNU, my friends told me about colleges Festival, the most interesting event with the entire student annually, i am so excited in and looked forward to attend and now, I’m here, enjoy all the activities and experiences that I have never had before.
There are three sub – festivals organized including flea markets, folk dance performance and HASHTAG concert which all the students get together and have fun.
Flea markets or mainly food festival include arrange of events such as one-day pubs, quiz games, traditional foods tent of foreigner students and hundreds food struck scattered all over the campus.  

The students have chance to taste food from other countries, spend the time cooking and eating food, sleeping and playing some games together. After two days, all of them may become close with each other. They also share some good tips for university life or on how to get good grades on the tests. This event many good opportunities for students to meet their classmates, make new friends and develop a firmer sense of value about their major.

The traditional dances performed by foreigner students from China, India, Uganda, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, etc. have introduced the cultural beauty of traditional arts in the world. Opportunities are available to collaborate across the arts, giving students a well-rounded view of how the arts work together.

In addition, the Students Association of the school, the co-organizers also have booths to raise funds for charity; all the items sold here are donated by international students at KNU. How meaningful it is!

More socially-conscious events are also taking place on campus, influenced by current affairs such as the ongoing #HASHTAG movement. There are many attracting and exciting performances were presented by KNU students and famous artists in Korea.

Enjoying amazing concerts, performances, exhibitions, and so much more, will surely make you feel even more proud to be a student in KNU. University festival have been an important part of the student life which made meaningful memories for themselves by taking part in youth culture in the country and giving foreigner students including me a valuable experience in Korea. The festival closed by a colorful firework display giving festivalgoer’s impressive experience.


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