Friday, June 29, 2018

Daegu's Hidden Spot | Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park

A Stroll Around the Ancient Tombs in Bullo-dong

Ancient Tombs in Bullo-dong, Daegu

Discovering something new along the way is one of the perks of traveling. Just like how I discovered Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park while I was on a bus heading to Donghwasa.

Nestled on a hillock on the southern ridge of Palgong Mountain and north of Geumho River, Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park is an ancient tomb complex which consists of a total of 210 big and small tombs.

Tourist Information Board

Artifacts excavated suggest that the tomb complex was built during Three Kingdoms period and belong to a powerful political group that used to govern Bullo-dong.

When I first saw the tomb complex, I was not able to explore the whole place due to time constraint. 

So I decided to go there again with my husband yesterday.  The tomb complex is just about an hour bus ride from our place. From the bus stop, we had to walk for about 5 minutes to get to the entrance.

The tomb complex as seen from the entrance

From the entrance, only a few mounds are visible.

Hiking to the tomb complex

But after hiking for a few minutes, a picturesque view of the mounds dotted throughout the vast tomb complex.  Following the path, we explored the whole complex.  

Scenic view of the tomb complex
A mound covered with flowering plants

 The highest part of the tomb complex offers a 360-degree view of Daegu.

83 Tower as seen from the tomb complex

Daegu's famous landmark, 83 Tower, can also be seen from the tomb complex.

Pre-nuptial photo shoot

The scenic view of the tomb complex seems to attract couples who are getting their pre-nuptials photos taken. 

With its elevation, it can be a great place to watch the sunset. 

There are a few restaurants around the area including a cozy restaurant called Button ( 버튼가), a Korean restaurant called Bullo Gobun Gongwon Sikdang (불로고분공원식당) and a coffee shop called I Am Coffee (아이앰커피).

Bullo Gobun Gongwon Sikdang
I Am Coffee

Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park is an underrated destination in Daegu.  It is lesser known yet, it surpassed my expectation. 

If you are looking for a unique and quiet place to walk around, Ancient Tombs in Bullo-dong is a great choice. The perfect time to go is early in the morning or late afternoon. 

How to get there?
From Dongdaegu
Take bus 101-1 or Geuphaeng 1 (Rapid 1) from Dongdaegu Station Underpass 2 (동대구역지하도2) and get off at Bullo Catholic Church Corner (불로천주교회건너).  Walk back and turn left at the restaurant called Wonjo Halmae Gukbap (원조할매국밥).

From Gyeongsan
Take bus 719 from Yeungnam University and get off at Daegu International Airport Stop. Then transfer to bus 101-1 or Geuphaeng 1 and get off at Bullo Catholic Church Corner.

Tourist Information
Destination: Ancient Tombs in Bullo-dong
Address: 335 Bullo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
대구광역시 동구 불로동 335

Thursday, June 28, 2018

KOREA | All about the new "Tourist Information Center" at Dongdaegu Station!

Have you noticed this odd yet beautiful building located outside Dongdaegu Station? It is newly built Tourist Information Center for both Koreans and non-Koreans. You are not interested in any tourist information? Well, this center offers more than that! Keep on reading!

Where can I find it?
If you come out of the main gate of Dongdaegu Station(trains, KTX), you will easily notice it on your left side. It is located between Shinsegae Department Store and the station. Very easy to spot!

Dongdaegu Station on the left and Shinsege Department Store on the right!
Inside the center 

I am a newbie. I need some help with finding where to go and such.
You’ve found the right spot! From the outside, the center introduces the most popular tourist spots in Daegu and some videos clips. Inside, you will find a number of pamphlets which are offered in four different languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.  

Outside the center

There are also people at the information desk to assist you with your questions! Any tourist question on tourist attractions, directions or accommodation can be solved.

What is that VR device on the table? What is it for?
Yes, it is! You can have a virtual trip to Daegu’s popular tourist attraction with VR.

I need to take a break!
We recognize that travelers often have tight schedule. It is important to have a regular break throughout the day for your best traveling experience. Dongdaegu Tourist Information Center has plenty of tables and seats that you are welcome to use.

Okay.. but I am going to go to a café so that I can charge my phone.
No worries! There are a couple of electric outlets you can use. If you have a charging cable and plug, it’s free of charge to use them. There are also FREE Wi-Fi!

Whether you are living in Daegu or traveling, we hope you have the best experience possible! Enjoy! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Where to get a Custom Suit for Your Next Big Event | Daegu, South Korea

Looking Dapper
Where to get a Custom Suit for Your Next Big Event
If you're a man, you probably either have a dated, dusty and out of style suit in your closet or nothing formal whatsoever. In either case, maybe you are managing just fine with slacks and dress shirts. But what if you are required to attend something more formal? You need an update but you dread spending forever shopping and trying things on. The department store options are pricey, and cheaper suits may not be so stylish or may not even fit properly. For many, the best option will be to get a custom made suit. It sounds time consuming and a bit intimidating, but it can be done to order in less than a week here in Daegu quite easily.

I am currently planning a formal event myself; my wedding in Mexico this August. There's so many details involved and least of all is what the groom will wear. Mine has very particular taste and is a bit taller than the local population so we decided early on that custom was the way to go. I was a bit anxious about the cost and process but we are really satisfied with the end results.

Near Camp Walker are several custom men's tailors. We found a shop called The J and decided to see what they had to offer. It's a small shop near the Palace Hotel with a well curated window display featuring some of their designs. The owner and designer, 황대호, Mr. Hwang, greeted us warmly when we entered. We told him we were looking for a two-piece suit for our wedding and he showed us his book of fabric swatches. We took some time to select the fabric we liked, an Italian made wool blend in a stone grey color. He quoted us W320,000 for a custom jacket and pants, which we paid up front. Next, my fiancé was thoroughly measured while they discussed the vision for the final suit. The length of the jacket, the particular taper of the pants, and small details like how many buttons would be on the jacket were considered and agreed upon. After about 20 minutes, we were finished with our consultation and told to come back in a week.

So many shades and textures to choose from

One week later we went back to the shop. The suit was tried on and no further alterations had to be made. It looked amazing! Mr. Hwang’s tailoring is impeccable. The jacket is silk lined with several interior pockets and fits like a glove. The pants are exactly what we envisioned. Overall, a very dapper and handsome suit, perfect for our wedding.

Final try on at the shop

Check out my fiancé! We both love this suit and had such a great experience getting it made to order in Daegu.

Detail from the pants

 Detail from inside the jacket

 Perfectly hemmed

The J
27, Icheon-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu

대구 남구 이천로 27

Cell 010-3510-9400
Telephone 053-472-3737

3 Summer Festivals You Should Not Miss in 2018 / DAEGU JULY FESTIVALS

Summer is a time for fun and adventures. If you are looking for a weekend idea for July, take a look at the following list.

#1 Korea Craft Beer Show
Getting geared up for the infamous Chimac Festival? Korea Craft Beer Show is a perfect warm-up round for Chimac Festival. Taking place at a peaceful Suseongmot Lake, KCBS 2018 presents a variety of craft beer, food, music and other experiences that anyone can enjoy. Particular this year, Daegu Beach Volleyball World Tour will be held with KCBS.

■ Date: July 12 – 15, 15:00 – 23:00 (close at 22:00 on July 15)
■ Location: Sanghwa Dongsan @Suseongmot Lake
■ Address: 112, Muhak-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
■ KR Address: 대구 수성구 무학로 112
■ Website: click here

#2 Daegu Chimac Festival aka Chicken & Beer Festival
Summer in Korea, especially Daegu, is hot. This means that we need to take good care of our body. Feed yourself crispy chickens and quench the thirst with beer. More than 1 million visitors come here to spend a nutritional summer night. Line-up for blasting concerts will be revealed in July, so stay tune!

■ Date: July 18 – 22
■ Location: Duryu Park(main venue), Pyeonghwa Market Chicken Grizzard Alley, etc
■ Website: click here

# 3 Daegu Folk Festival
After the ongoing Daegu International Musical Festival(Now – July 9) and Chimac Festival, you might get sad that all the fun is over. We’d tell’s too soon. With Daegu Folk Festival in the following weekend, we’ve got your back. Make sure to spare your weekend for great Korean folk and indie music and more!

■ Date: July 27 – 29
■ Location: Open Air Music Hall @Duryu Park, Dongseongro Outdoor Stage, Suseongmot Lake, Seomun Market, KimGwangSeok St.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

DIY Korea's Iconic Summer Food, Mul-Naengmyeon (Cold Noodles)

How to cook Naengmyeon, the must-try summer foods in South Korea
Naengmyeon is one of the cool dishes that often seen on reality shows. It is considered the top choice in the list of summer food in South Korea. The common Naengmyeon is handmade cassava or buckwheat noodles. Traditionally, noodles will be placed in a bowl of metal containing sliced ice or cold broth, served with vegetables, sliced cucumber, a boiled egg, 3-4 slices cold beef. You can regain vitality in the summer muggy days just with a bowl of cold noodles Naengmyeon.
There are several ways of cooking Naengmyeon, however, in this article, we will make cold noodles in the easiest and most popular way. Surely you and your family will have such delicious meal!
The list of ingredients was shown as below. You should be able to find all of them in almost grocery stores including E-mart, Costco, Homeplus or traditional markets.

150 gr. Naengmyeon noodles
100 beef cuts
30 gr green onion
30 gr of garlic
30 gr of ginger
60 gr of cucumber
9 gr of Korean soy sauce
40 gr of sugar
45 gr of vinegar
24 gr of salt
2 gr of chili powder
100 gr radish/carrot
100 gr of pear/apple
½ cup of water
Korean chili sauce
Sesame oil
1 chicken eggs
Roasted laver seaweed and kimchi (added as desired) 

Ingredients I used
Ready to use nanmyeon broth(left) and noodles(right)
Instruction of making simple cold noodles:
1. Preliminary preparing:
-Wash beef and dried it with a clean towel, next, boil in hot water for 10 minutes, after that simmer in low heat for 40 minutes. Added garlic, ginger and green onion and cook in more 30 minutes. Make sure to remove fat on the top of the pot while you cooking.
-After boiling, let beef cool down and slice as you like.
-Add sugar, Korean soy sauce, and vinegar, salt to beef water and then put this into refrigerator to prepare cold noodles soup.
-Wash cucumber and then cut in half lengthwise, chop as stick or thin slice, soaked in salt water for about 15 minutes, and then dry with clean towel.
-Peel carrot (radish), chop as stick or thin slice, add salt, vinegar, sugar and chili powder for 25 minutes.
- Apple (pear), remove the seeds, cut into thin slices or stick, soak in sugar for 20 minutes 
*You can also buy ready to use soup at a market.

2. Cooking:
-Step 1: Boil the chicken eggs for about 15 minutes and then take out, soak in cold water and peel, cut a half or into slice as you like.
-Step 2: Boil noodles in boiling water for 3 - 4 minutes until the noodles are soft, after that take out, put in ice water to cool down, and drain.
-Step 3: Roll the noodles enough to eat for one person, next, put in the big bowl. Decorate with beef, cucumber, apple, carrot, egg, etc. as your flavor and then pour the cold soup that prepared before and add some chili sauce, sesame oil, some small ices as desired and enjoy!
@ Note: you can eat with kimchi and roasted laver seaweed as desired. I really like this combination :)

Dried radish kimchi and seaweed

Hopefully you can cook this Korean cold noodle after reading the recipe I’ve just presented!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Daegu Art Factory │ A Comprehensive Review

Exploring Daegu Art Factory

Spending a couple hours exploring Daegu Art Factory is a great way to escape the Daegu heat this summer and to check out some great artwork. The spacious building houses several exhibitions, local artists’ studios and workshops throughout the year. There's no admission fee and there's lots of free literature in English and Korean about the works inside, plus so much to see and experience.

From the outside, Daegu Art Factory stands out from the other buildings around it. There's a lovely park wrapping the complex with plenty of seating and trees. And don't miss this graffiti mural at the top of the building.

Upon entering, you're already surrounded by art and sculptures and installations. The interior architecture is quite breathtaking with a central five-story atrium adorned in this pink installation.

One thing about Daegu Art Factory is that you're always going to find some gem around every corner. The facility is littered with artworks all throughout which makes it so fun to explore.

High up on the fourth floor is the art book library called Man Gwon Dong meaning Hall of Ten Thousand Volumes. In addition to providing hundreds of volumes of art books to browse, the public library also hosts lectures and seminars.

Running until the end of the month is this super fun installation of air filled sculptures on the first floor. This is called Jardin Artificiel (Artificial Garden) by two Korean artists under the name Studio 1750. You can walk freely through this large room and explore the inflatable forest which includes some moving parts. It's a totally unique experience which begs for a selfie or two.

In a smaller gallery was this exhibition of an homage to the cube, one of the few exhibitions featuring traditional painted canvases. This was a collaboration of several artists titled Everyone Has Their Own CuBe.

The largest exhibition hall contained a multimedia show featuring fifteen artists from around Asia called Digital Art in Post-Digital Asia. One could spend a lot of time pondering the many digital video pieces projected around the space while contemplating how artists, especially Asian artists, are impacted by digital media. The exhibition is a meditation on the rapid modernization of Asian nations and how artists can approach creating digital content through that lens.

One of the pieces was designed to be experienced through these VR glasses. There's a well represented spectrum of digital media and video pieces including animations, documentaries, layered ethereal moving paintings, and photography focused works.

Above are shots from a dark, disturbing but totally engrossing video piece by Taiwanese artist Su Hui-Yu called The Walker.

Digital Art in Post-Digital Asia was a fascinating look at the current state of digital media for many artists across the continent. It will be moving to Loop Alt Space in Seoul after it closes at Daegu Art Factory on June 28th.

These unsettling multi-media sculptures are part of an exhibition from artist Park Hyung Jin called Unstable running until June 30th. The show includes several life-sized figure studies which appear to be constructed from cardboard, glues, and resin.

Daegu Art Factory hosts several local artists’ studios, many of which are open to viewing.  The public is encouraged to watch, interact and engage with the artists. Landscape painter Jung Jin Kyeong had her space open on the Wednesday evening I visited and I got to look at her studio and walk around her setup as she was painting.

The exhibitions are always rotating and there's so many unexpected beautiful and weird things to stumble upon at Daegu Art Factory. It's a fantastic dose of art in our city so whether you're an art history buff or a novice to the art world, it's a highly recommended way to spend an afternoon. Daegu Art Factory is easy to find and located near Dalseong Park Station on Line 3.

Address: 31-12 Dalsung-ro 22-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu
               대구 중구 달성로 22길 31-12
           April-October: 10:00-7:00
          November-March: 10:00-6:00