Monday, June 25, 2018

Daegu Art Factory │ A Comprehensive Review

Exploring Daegu Art Factory

Spending a couple hours exploring Daegu Art Factory is a great way to escape the Daegu heat this summer and to check out some great artwork. The spacious building houses several exhibitions, local artists’ studios and workshops throughout the year. There's no admission fee and there's lots of free literature in English and Korean about the works inside, plus so much to see and experience.

From the outside, Daegu Art Factory stands out from the other buildings around it. There's a lovely park wrapping the complex with plenty of seating and trees. And don't miss this graffiti mural at the top of the building.

Upon entering, you're already surrounded by art and sculptures and installations. The interior architecture is quite breathtaking with a central five-story atrium adorned in this pink installation.

One thing about Daegu Art Factory is that you're always going to find some gem around every corner. The facility is littered with artworks all throughout which makes it so fun to explore.

High up on the fourth floor is the art book library called Man Gwon Dong meaning Hall of Ten Thousand Volumes. In addition to providing hundreds of volumes of art books to browse, the public library also hosts lectures and seminars.

Running until the end of the month is this super fun installation of air filled sculptures on the first floor. This is called Jardin Artificiel (Artificial Garden) by two Korean artists under the name Studio 1750. You can walk freely through this large room and explore the inflatable forest which includes some moving parts. It's a totally unique experience which begs for a selfie or two.

In a smaller gallery was this exhibition of an homage to the cube, one of the few exhibitions featuring traditional painted canvases. This was a collaboration of several artists titled Everyone Has Their Own CuBe.

The largest exhibition hall contained a multimedia show featuring fifteen artists from around Asia called Digital Art in Post-Digital Asia. One could spend a lot of time pondering the many digital video pieces projected around the space while contemplating how artists, especially Asian artists, are impacted by digital media. The exhibition is a meditation on the rapid modernization of Asian nations and how artists can approach creating digital content through that lens.

One of the pieces was designed to be experienced through these VR glasses. There's a well represented spectrum of digital media and video pieces including animations, documentaries, layered ethereal moving paintings, and photography focused works.

Above are shots from a dark, disturbing but totally engrossing video piece by Taiwanese artist Su Hui-Yu called The Walker.

Digital Art in Post-Digital Asia was a fascinating look at the current state of digital media for many artists across the continent. It will be moving to Loop Alt Space in Seoul after it closes at Daegu Art Factory on June 28th.

These unsettling multi-media sculptures are part of an exhibition from artist Park Hyung Jin called Unstable running until June 30th. The show includes several life-sized figure studies which appear to be constructed from cardboard, glues, and resin.

Daegu Art Factory hosts several local artists’ studios, many of which are open to viewing.  The public is encouraged to watch, interact and engage with the artists. Landscape painter Jung Jin Kyeong had her space open on the Wednesday evening I visited and I got to look at her studio and walk around her setup as she was painting.

The exhibitions are always rotating and there's so many unexpected beautiful and weird things to stumble upon at Daegu Art Factory. It's a fantastic dose of art in our city so whether you're an art history buff or a novice to the art world, it's a highly recommended way to spend an afternoon. Daegu Art Factory is easy to find and located near Dalseong Park Station on Line 3.

Address: 31-12 Dalsung-ro 22-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu
               대구 중구 달성로 22길 31-12
           April-October: 10:00-7:00
          November-March: 10:00-6:00


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