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Daegu's Hidden Spot | Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park

A Stroll Around the Ancient Tombs in Bullo-dong

Ancient Tombs in Bullo-dong, Daegu

Discovering something new along the way is one of the perks of traveling. Just like how I discovered Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park while I was on a bus heading to Donghwasa.

Nestled on a hillock on the southern ridge of Palgong Mountain and north of Geumho River, Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park is an ancient tomb complex which consists of a total of 210 big and small tombs.

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Artifacts excavated suggest that the tomb complex was built during Three Kingdoms period and belong to a powerful political group that used to govern Bullo-dong.

When I first saw the tomb complex, I was not able to explore the whole place due to time constraint. 

So I decided to go there again with my husband yesterday.  The tomb complex is just about an hour bus ride from our place. From the bus stop, we had to walk for about 5 minutes to get to the entrance.

The tomb complex as seen from the entrance

From the entrance, only a few mounds are visible.

Hiking to the tomb complex

But after hiking for a few minutes, a picturesque view of the mounds dotted throughout the vast tomb complex.  Following the path, we explored the whole complex.  

Scenic view of the tomb complex
A mound covered with flowering plants

 The highest part of the tomb complex offers a 360-degree view of Daegu.

83 Tower as seen from the tomb complex

Daegu's famous landmark, 83 Tower, can also be seen from the tomb complex.

Pre-nuptial photo shoot

The scenic view of the tomb complex seems to attract couples who are getting their pre-nuptials photos taken. 

With its elevation, it can be a great place to watch the sunset. 

There are a few restaurants around the area including a cozy restaurant called Button ( 버튼가), a Korean restaurant called Bullo Gobun Gongwon Sikdang (불로고분공원식당) and a coffee shop called I Am Coffee (아이앰커피).

Bullo Gobun Gongwon Sikdang
I Am Coffee

Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park is an underrated destination in Daegu.  It is lesser known yet, it surpassed my expectation. 

If you are looking for a unique and quiet place to walk around, Ancient Tombs in Bullo-dong is a great choice. The perfect time to go is early in the morning or late afternoon. 

How to get there?
From Dongdaegu
Take bus 101-1 or Geuphaeng 1 (Rapid 1) from Dongdaegu Station Underpass 2 (동대구역지하도2) and get off at Bullo Catholic Church Corner (불로천주교회건너).  Walk back and turn left at the restaurant called Wonjo Halmae Gukbap (원조할매국밥).

From Gyeongsan
Take bus 719 from Yeungnam University and get off at Daegu International Airport Stop. Then transfer to bus 101-1 or Geuphaeng 1 and get off at Bullo Catholic Church Corner.

Tourist Information
Destination: Ancient Tombs in Bullo-dong
Address: 335 Bullo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
대구광역시 동구 불로동 335

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