Tuesday, June 26, 2018

DIY Korea's Iconic Summer Food, Mul-Naengmyeon (Cold Noodles)

How to cook Naengmyeon, the must-try summer foods in South Korea
Naengmyeon is one of the cool dishes that often seen on reality shows. It is considered the top choice in the list of summer food in South Korea. The common Naengmyeon is handmade cassava or buckwheat noodles. Traditionally, noodles will be placed in a bowl of metal containing sliced ice or cold broth, served with vegetables, sliced cucumber, a boiled egg, 3-4 slices cold beef. You can regain vitality in the summer muggy days just with a bowl of cold noodles Naengmyeon.
There are several ways of cooking Naengmyeon, however, in this article, we will make cold noodles in the easiest and most popular way. Surely you and your family will have such delicious meal!
The list of ingredients was shown as below. You should be able to find all of them in almost grocery stores including E-mart, Costco, Homeplus or traditional markets.

150 gr. Naengmyeon noodles
100 beef cuts
30 gr green onion
30 gr of garlic
30 gr of ginger
60 gr of cucumber
9 gr of Korean soy sauce
40 gr of sugar
45 gr of vinegar
24 gr of salt
2 gr of chili powder
100 gr radish/carrot
100 gr of pear/apple
½ cup of water
Korean chili sauce
Sesame oil
1 chicken eggs
Roasted laver seaweed and kimchi (added as desired) 

Ingredients I used
Ready to use nanmyeon broth(left) and noodles(right)
Instruction of making simple cold noodles:
1. Preliminary preparing:
-Wash beef and dried it with a clean towel, next, boil in hot water for 10 minutes, after that simmer in low heat for 40 minutes. Added garlic, ginger and green onion and cook in more 30 minutes. Make sure to remove fat on the top of the pot while you cooking.
-After boiling, let beef cool down and slice as you like.
-Add sugar, Korean soy sauce, and vinegar, salt to beef water and then put this into refrigerator to prepare cold noodles soup.
-Wash cucumber and then cut in half lengthwise, chop as stick or thin slice, soaked in salt water for about 15 minutes, and then dry with clean towel.
-Peel carrot (radish), chop as stick or thin slice, add salt, vinegar, sugar and chili powder for 25 minutes.
- Apple (pear), remove the seeds, cut into thin slices or stick, soak in sugar for 20 minutes 
*You can also buy ready to use soup at a market.

2. Cooking:
-Step 1: Boil the chicken eggs for about 15 minutes and then take out, soak in cold water and peel, cut a half or into slice as you like.
-Step 2: Boil noodles in boiling water for 3 - 4 minutes until the noodles are soft, after that take out, put in ice water to cool down, and drain.
-Step 3: Roll the noodles enough to eat for one person, next, put in the big bowl. Decorate with beef, cucumber, apple, carrot, egg, etc. as your flavor and then pour the cold soup that prepared before and add some chili sauce, sesame oil, some small ices as desired and enjoy!
@ Note: you can eat with kimchi and roasted laver seaweed as desired. I really like this combination :)

Dried radish kimchi and seaweed

Hopefully you can cook this Korean cold noodle after reading the recipe I’ve just presented!

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