Monday, June 11, 2018

When food meets art! 2018 Daegu Food Tour EXPO and K-Food EXPO

This past weekend took place from thursday (7th) to sunday (10th) the Daegu Food Tour and K-Food Expo, and as a lover of food tourism, I just had to go! Although EXCO it’s a little bit far from city center, tons of buses stop there (304, 306, 323, 323-1, 413, 503, 653, 937), just find the one closest to home!

The Daegu Food Tour Expo was more focused on exhibition of food and cocktails reinvented, as well as a bakery, an exhibition of noodles around the world, a booth for T’way airlines’ food, also on Sunday there was a competition to find the best cocktail!

First thing you can see after you enter, it’s the World’s Noodle Exhibition; countries such as Italy, Uzbekistan, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and China were represented! Although the representative ingredient of Asian cultures is rice, I was surprised of seeing so many different types of noodles! Here you can see Italy, China and Vietnam!

Italian traditional noodle cuisine
Chinese noodle dishes
Vietnamese noodles cuisine
The main character on Sunday was cocktails! You could try all different kind of cocktails, even those who were participating in the competition! I also learn that there is a lot of schools in Korea who teach about cocktails, and some of them made beautiful crafts! As you can see in the pics, even the recent meeting between the two Koreas was represented :) Finally we could even see a fire show from a barman!

Blue and pink cocktails
cocktail exhibition using dry ice
cocktail exhibition using grapes
recreation of the meeting of the two koreas

Bakery was the second big star of this exhibition! Tons of different kind of shapes and flavors of bread, beautiful cakes and even bread and rice handicrafts were in the exhibition! Can you believe this Pinocchio and Genie are made of bread? And the eagles are made of rice! It would be such a waste to eat these handicrafts, don’t you think? :)

sweet and savory breads
Pinoccio and Genie made of bread!
Totoro cake
Handicrafts of eagles made of rice!

 The K-FOOD Expo was more focused on promotion of Korean traditional ingredients, snacks or alcohol and equipment and machinery related to food and cuisine. There was also educational booth with experiences for children where they also could learn how unhealthy some foods such as ramen or pizza can be, and how much better can be other traditional Korean food! Did you know that instant ramen has 1930 mg of salt? Yikes, better choose a healthier snack! Other booths showed how flowers and trees can be used to make powder to put in your drink or food! In the pictures you can see  from left to right Hibiscus, Noni (south east originated tree), a box-thorn tree, mushrooms, bellflower, and turmeric!

Educational booth for children about salt in popular snacks food
Different kinds of Korean paste
Korean snacks made from rice, lotus or mushrooms
Powder made from different kind of flowers and trees 

If you think this has been interesting, keep an eye on the blog and facebook, soon we will share more exhibitions in EXCO so if you missed this one, don’t forget to follow us on Colorful Daegu facebook!! :)

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