Friday, July 20, 2018

2018 Daegu CHIMAC Festival: Premium Chimac Club

CHimaC Premium ZoNe AdvenTure
It is that time of the month again, when you get to let go of all your pent up hunger for chicken and beer.

All thanks to Daegu metropolitan government, you can let go of this pent up hunger at the 2018 annual Chimac Festival from July, 18th (wed) to 22 (Sunday).

There are several zones on this festival, however the premium zone is where to be, because it is all about feasting and fun with all the cute chicken and beer mascots all around.

Moving around the venue you will find all sort of shades operated by popular chicken and beer companies.

Like in the pictures, You can just walk up to them and get some chicken for about 5000 won and a chilled can of beer for 2500 or bottle of soft drink.  

Our first try was the above combo of 10000won (chicken and two cans of beer) pictured below.

Wanted more beer, so we went for the ones pictured below from cass.

It comes in the two sizes, large(pictured above) and small size plastic cups for 5000 and 2500won respectively.
Did I mention EDM dance floor? We can’t afford to forget that. Nothing beats feasting and dancing.

There is a center stage for DJ and dance floor for dancing while being entertained, if you get tired, you can walk to one of the several shelters available and rest as much as you want to.

There definitely can’t be such a big festival without tight security and rest room right? Of course there are lots of security officers on ground,

also a male and female restroom to ease yourself and continue your feasting. 

Note that there is a huge crowd of people feasting. incase if you are claustrophobic, you can detach from the ground and sit on the stadium prebuilt sit like steps or use a mat with loved ones on the grass.

Location: In other to get to the venue, the easiest and cheapest is by public bus transport and can easily be found by just typing “Duryu baseball” into kakaomap and it will show you all the available options.
Don’t forget to dress lightly, drink a lot of water (and beer) and

 adhere to the rules like no littering. Thank you for reading, until another adventure!!!