Monday, July 30, 2018

5 Meals for Less Than 5,000won Around Keimyung University!

When I first came to Korea, I was surprised because eating out was MUCH cheaper than back in Spain (and I think, most European countries!). Even when you are eating more expensive than average, it will usually be just around 10-11000 won. However, being a student, having to pay rent and other utilities, it can be difficult to always eat outside. Being an expert myself in the area of Keimyung, I look around and searched 5 delicious meals for less than 5000 won (less than 5 dollars or not even 4 euros!). Who said you cannot eat delicious and CHEAP?

Gyundae Cupbap 경대컵밥
My first my go-to option when I want some Korean style deopbap (덮밥), which is simple rice with toppings, is 경대컵밥! (Gyundae Cupbap). I cannot say how many times this place has saved me from nights when I didn’t have anything in my fridge to eat! It consists of 6 different kinds of deopbap, all of them for less than 4000 won! All of them have a base of fried kimchi, fried egg, sausages, kim, and Flying Fish Roe, then depending of what you chose, you can have spicy pork, tuna, duck, cheese, bacon or tteokgalbi! Also,you can add more toppings or get the big size for less than 1000 won :)

Location: 대구 달서구 서당로7 56 1 Seodangro 7, 56
(It is just in front of the East Gate, impossible to miss it!)

The red tteokbokki and kimbap 더빨간떡볶이 & 김밥
The next option is specially thought for my spicy flavor lovers!! You know that perfect combo of tteokbokki and tuna kimbap, right? You can get both for 4500 won in 더빨간떡볶이 & 김밥! (The red tteokbokki and kimbap). I have to say, the sauce of this tteokbokki is one of the best I’ve tried! If you like a bit of curry flavor, you’ll definitely love this! They also have a very good take-out package and they are fast making it!

Location: 대구 달서구 서당로 72 (신당동) Seodangro 72
(Crossing the street in front of Keimyung Art center).

88Sikdang 88식당
Third option it’s the donkatsu from 88식당! Their small size is 4900 won, but don’t be fooled! Even if it’s the small size, it is enough for one person! They even include a small cream soup as an entree for free, so you’ll have a full meal for less than 5000! :D It includes the rice, a small salad, pasta and a curry sauce that goes very well with the fried donkatsu!

Location: 대구 달서구 서당로9 32 Seodangro 9, 32
(In Rodeo Street, just after Masi Gray!)

Samsam kalguksu 삼삼칼국수
Our fourth cheap dish is the perfect meal for this terrible heat: Naengmyeon! (냉면). This refreshing noodle soup cost 4500 won and it goes perfect with kimchi! The restaurant is called 삼삼칼국수 (Samsam kalguksu), and it is in the south gate of the university! This menu is only available in summer, so don’t miss it!

Location: 대구 달서구 호산동로35북길 54
(Cross the street in the main gate and then go to the right!)

Waryong Banjeom 와룡반점
The last, but not less important, it’s a classic! Jjamppong! (짬뽕), this dish in 와룡반점 cost 5000 won and it will cover your cravings for spicy food, soups and seafood! Other options such as jjajjangmyeon cost also less than 5000 won! They even have take out where they include some banchan! Good for people living alone :)

Location: 대구 달서구 서당로 9 54 1
(Just at the entry of Rodeo street!)