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5 Tastes of Asia Around Daegu: Indian, Pakistani, Nepali, Uzbek and Turkish!

Asian food spots in Daegu

Food is one of the specialties of any country, style of cooking, taste, and ingredients associated with the specific culture. Owing to vast and populous continents in Asia, every region has its own characteristics. After experiencing a food of different countries of Asia, it reflects that spices are the major ingredients of national dish, while rice is the common item of each though cooking style is different.
To experience a variety of cuisines, there must be a common place where it can be tried or to have enough cooking skills, which is quite a tough task or even it is hard to get same taste. Purpose of sharing the experience is to get easy excess while visit one of the big cities of South Korea, Daegu. Daegu is multicultural city, where a number of tourists visit every year and also many students are here for study and cultural exchange. This is why overseas nationals have established food spots for presenting the home taste for countryman.

Indian cuisine
One famous restaurant in Daegu city is named “Taj Mahal in Korea” is situated in Sinmae station. They have a variety of their national foods especially, curry, spicy rice, and BBQ. Curry has multiple options i.e. chicken curry, lamb curry, and vegetable also, while rice has its own specific taste and fragrance due to multiple ingredients. They use numerous spices such as garlic and ginger powder, cumin seeds, black pepper, bay leaves, mace powder, red chili, and salt. Tandoori chicken is the famous item in BBQ. The rice is not sticky and plain with unique fragrance and taste.

Chicken curry masala
Spicy rice biryani

The price range of each item starts from 8000-15000 won.
Furthermore, Indian culture depiction is clear in the form of bridal dress. There is separate portion of Indian culture.

Bridal dress of wedding

Taj Mahal in Korea
Location: 2nd Floor, 3224, Dalgubeol-daero, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Nepali cuisine
Nepali restaurant is just front of the Yeungnam University, easily accessible by following the green line of subway named as “Durga”. They have open franchise in whole Korea. The taste is almost same as of indian foods, but the only difference is the excess use of onion and tomatoes, which makes the taste little sweeter. The famous item is chicken tikka masala (curry) with naan. The price of the dishes starts from 7000 won. The taste is so good by sprinkle the lemon juice on chicken was amazing.

Tandoori chicken with spicy chatni

Location: 23, Cheongun-ro, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

Pakistani cuisine
The Pakistani cuisine is one of the famous food in the world including chicken curry, naan, and biryani are the most loving due to certain use of typical Pakistani spices such as ground mix of, cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, ginger and garlic powder, and bay leaves. Rice are first boiled and mixed with the spicy chicken curry and put on the low flame for 5-10 min. The restaurant is on Bukbu bus terminal with the name “Ali Baba restaurant”. They have special dishes made by pulses such as chick peas and lentils (shahi daal and daal makhni). The curry is not so thick like Indian or Nepal curry. Also, the taste was different due to different spices and their quantity.

Ali Baba
Location: 303-10, Seodaegu-ro, Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea

Uzbek cuisine
Uzbek restaurant (Karavan) is just near the main gate Yeungnam University, orange town. They have specific Uzbek style of reception. Though the menu is limited but main dishes include, lamb soup, roasted chicken and lamb, bread (lepeshka) and samosa with flaky crust and beef inside. The lepeshka is usually used with the soup.

 Sitting arrangement for the visitors
Steamed lamb with fries

Location: 12-1, Daehak-ro 59-gil, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

Turkish cuisine
Worldwide popularity of Turkish foods are not hidden to anyone as they have specific style of cooking and presentation, especially meat, One in the Deagu famous are is Downtown, Nazar Kebab. To get excess is very easy by following the given below route. Chicken and meat steaks are mixed with the sour syrup and covered in a tortilla. The addition of salad together with meat has unique taste. Other dishes are chicken and fries bucket, rice with chicken pieces, and kebab (meat and beef).

Chicken bucket and spicy tortilla

Nazar Kebab
Location: korea, 중구 공평동 63번지, Daegu, South Korea


  1. All these restaurants serve "Halal food"?

    1. Hi sir, yes Halal items are available with full options. In fact, all restaurants are certified with Korean association.

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    1. Hi Sir! We really appreciate your concern regarding blog. Also, we would be happy to include one of the beautiful restaurant (New Saladin Restaurant) in our coming articles.

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