Friday, July 13, 2018

A Fun Thing To Do This Summer: ALIVE AQUARIUM (Daegu, Korea)

대구 얼라이브 아쿠아리움 (Daegu Alive Aquarium)

Address: 149 Shinsegae Department Store on the 9th floor east of Daegu Dong
Phone number: 053-277-8899
Operating Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:30 to 20:00 / Friday, Saturday 10:30 to 21:00
Admission fee: 27,000 won for adults, 25,000 won for teens and 23,000 won for children.

Daegu Alive Aquarium was created on December 29, 2016. Various experiences are available here. People of all ages can enjoy it together, and they can feel the emotions of communicating with animals. There are many different creatures here. The representative creature is “Manatee", we can meet them with food feeding and talk show programs.

In Tree house, you can observe unique appearance and characteristics on a large screen by using very close proximity cameras such as parrots and otters. ‘The Daegu Sea Cloud Bridge’, which overlooks the water tank from the water. ‘The ceiling tank’, which is a panoramic tank of the dome-shaped structure. In addition, ‘Black Art’, which conveys fantastic feeling of sea. Trick Art with various photo points. ‘Sketch aquarium’ where sea life that I drew is full of live and interesting. A unique tank of the latest Aqua exhibition techniques offers a wide range of views. At final step there is a mermaid alive show with mesmerizing dancing on light music with adorable moves, however the show has multiple schedules. 

Usually it takes 1 to 2 hours to visit the whole aquarium, therefore entry is closed 1 hour before the closing time. Daegu Alive Aquarium offers special discounts on paying by card especially Daegu Bank.
At exit of the aquarium there are a lot of fun activities for toddlers, children and game lovers. Singing booths attracts almost ages and great coffee shops and other snack can be bought at immediate exit.

Enjoy the fantastic experience in Alive Aquarium!

Amenities: nursing room, cafe, gift shop, outdoor theme park, parking spaces, wireless Internet access, toilets, and facilities for the disabled.
- Ticket and entry deadlines are one hour before closing time.
- Some programs are only available at a certain time. (Check site or performance schedule)
- Parking is free for 2 hours per day only for customers entering.
- Closed on Mondays once a month. (Same as the day when Shinsegae Department Store Daegu branch closed)