Friday, July 6, 2018

Arcade Gaming in Korea: LED lights, Mortal Combat, Street Fighters, Initial D and more! (DAEGU)

Arcade Gaming (오락실)

With the current weather of our beloved city (Daegu) being so unpredictable these days, it becomes quite challenging to enjoy your day without worrying about the weather.

With that in mind I decided to look around for something worth doing both during the day and night for just about anyone.

Luckily, found a childhood gem, an arcade game house!. Many grew up playing arcade games like Mortal combat, Street Fighters, Initial D, etc. So visiting one was like a train of memories for me, which made me decide to share this experience with everyone.

This arcade unlike the once back in the days is more pleasing to the eyes and very good for pictures :)

In this particular arcade, there are a lot of games to try out, ranging from baseball, speed hockey, racing simulator, shooting, etc.

The dynamic led lights and background music gives off a sense of fulfillment while enjoying your game.

I was able to have fun with my friend with less than 10,000 won as every game requires a 1000 won to play each time.

We tried the racing, basketball, shooting, punching and Hockey games, which were all enjoyable. As you can see in the above picture, you can also come and have fun with your loved one.

To find such a place depends on your location. I usually use kakao map to get around in Korea. So to find such place you can either search for “arcade game” or the Korean term “오락실” which is Korean for arcade game room. Doing this will give you a lot of options by distance, then you can choose the closest to you. Don’t forget to put on your gps when you search for it:)

Thank you, till next adventure:)


  1. I was looking for this. 오락실 is very funny :)

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