Thursday, July 5, 2018

PREVIEW to 2018 Daegu Chimac Festival: Location, Schedule, Transportation

2018 Daegu Chimac Festival will take place from July 18 to July 22 throughout Duryu Park in Daegu. Last year, over a million people visited. This year, it is expected to see more locals and tourists alike to enjoy tasty chicken, icy cold beer, music, fun and festivity! 

Basic Information
Slogan: YOLO! To the haven of Chimac, Daegu~
Date: July 18 – 22
Location: Duryu Park
Scale: Over 100 chicken and beer companies and more than 200 booths
Famous brands like  Kyochon, Ddang Ddang, Gcova Chicken take part in Chimac Festival 2018

Public Transportation
Duryu Station(Line2) Exit 14 and 19
Follow the crowd! 

#653, 503, 600, 623, Sunhwan3, Sunhwan3-1
Get off at Eworld, Across Eworld or Duryu Library

Address: 658-3, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR Address: 대구시 달서구 두류동 658-1 코오롱 야외음악당

What’s Happening

Premium Chimac Club
Location: Baseball Stadium
This is a must-stop for Chimac Festival goers. All major performances and concerts are happening right here inside the stadium.

Image: Chimac Festival
Image: Chimac Festival

Chimac Ice Café
Location: 2.28 Memorial Tower Parking Lot
The most exciting new feature for Chimac Festival 2018 is this Chimac Ice Water Café! We needed this for long and it’s finally here! At this area, you can ejoy Chimac Live Stage, Chimac All that Music, events, Chicken new menu Contest, Beer Cocktail Championship, etc.

Image: Chimac Festival
Image: Chimac Festival

Chimac Beach
Location: Daegu Tourism Information Center Parking Lot
If you are opt to get more active, check out Chimac Beach where you get dip into cool water. You can enjoy beer while floating on water, listening to DJing. There will be artificial grass zone, chicken vendors and lockers. This zone is for reservation only and costs 9,900won for entry and a can of beer.

Chimac Park Screen Concert
Location: Kolon Open Air Music Hall
If you are bringing a group of friends or family, take a relaxing break at Kolon Open Air Music Hall. Get some chicken and beer and throw a picnic mat. It’s a perfect place to have Daegu’s landmark, 83 Tower, in the view.

Image: Chimac Festival
Image: Chimac Festival
Image: Chimac Festival

Chimac Amusement Park
Location: The road leading to previous locations
As you walk from one location to another, you will notice a variety of art and craft vendors, caricature booth and chimac vendors along the road. There will be fun events and busking performances that will make Chimac Festival 2018 even more exciting.

Image: Chimac Festival
Image: Chimac Festival
Image: Chimac Festival