Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Summer Getaway: All about BANWOLDANG Underground Shopping Center

Banwoldang Underground Shopping Center
the biggest underground shopping mall in Daegu

Banwoldang underground shopping center is the central place in Daegu downtown. It connects the two main subway lines in Daegu: Line 1(Red) and Line2(Green). On your way to walk out of the station, you will pass Daegu’s largest underground shopping center which has over 20 exits! Be careful not to lose your way outJ

Banwoldang Metro Center, known simply as Banwoldang underground shopping center among locals, is a good place for people who want to buy clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, cosmetic at reasonable price. There are so many famous Korean cosmetic road shops located there, for example, the Face Shop, Nature Republic, Innispree, Etude, Olive Young, LOHB, Skin Food, It’s Skin, etc.

Challenge yourself purchasing a full set of outfit at less than 25,000 won. You don’t need to spend too much to be stylish. A lot of cute T-shirt, skirt, and accessories are affordable. The price is decent overall, but some items are overly priced, so you should be careful. The most interesting thing is you can get big discount if your bargain skill works well. For example, there are so many kinds of socks which come in variety in color, style with relative low price. Normally, a pair of socks costs ₩1,000, however, if you buy more than five you can get discount at least by ₩1,000.
Two key sentences for foreigner when shopping here are 얼마에요? (How much is it?) and 깎아주세요 (please give me a discount), you may not speak Korean, but you must remember and practice these two sentences, they are so meaningful with your wallet.

There are also nail shops and photography studios

I have some tips for you if you shop in underground shopping mall.
-Use cash. If you pay in cash, the price will cheaper than pay in card. In addition, some stores accept cash only.
-Let’s take two rounds before you make a final decision. In the first round, just go around and look for something that you are interested in and take a mental note of its price. And then, the second round, you will come back and use your bargain ability to get your favorite items with best price :)

Shopping always require a lot of energy. After one or two round, you may feel hungry. Don’t worry, there are so many awesome restaurants or cafes ready to serve you. You can choose any kind of food or drink that you want, let’s take a rest and get recover your energy for the next round.

If you don’t want to eat or buy anything and want to look for a quiet place to relax or read book, YP book store is your best choice. Go up to exit 14, you will see it. There are so many new and best seller book here even some cute card. This book store can take your whole day!
YP Books store (exit 14)
If you want to have some luxury goods or just window shopping in some famous brand, visit Dong A Department Store (exit 15 and 16) or Huyndai Department Store (exit 18), they can satisfy your desire. They usually update the new global and domestic fashion trend.
There are not only luxury fashions and cosmetic outlets but also restaurants, culture center, grocery shop there. Therefore, the customer can enjoy and shop at the same time.

Dong-A department store (exit 15 and 16)

Huyndai Department store (exit 18)

You can visit Banwoldang underground shopping mall alone, with your friends or different age people, it would be fun and still can enjoy shopping together. So, what are you waiting for? Let's go and shop now :)


  1. I love this place! <3 but sometimes lost my way..:(

  2. wonderful news!!! cool daegu!!

  3. I was there the past weekend

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