Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Summer Getaway: All About Jungangno Underground Shopping Center

Jungangno Station: A Hidden Passage of Interesting Activities to do for Summer

Whether we go to work or university, or when we meet a friend, date someone or visit our extended families, we use public transportation. Most of us prefer to ride the subway because it is the most convenient and comfortable or maybe for some, they just want to blend in so they would not feel alone.

Have you ever thought of exploring the station? I do! I am always curious about so many things in life and that curiosity led me to check out Jungangno Station (중앙로역).

According to the ever-reliable Kakao Metro app, Jungangno (중앙로) is located in the Red Line, Line No.1. Jungangno Station has four main exits and twenty sub exits. Upon exploring Jungangno station, I have discovered so many interesting things inside of it. Like other main subway stations, Jungangno Station has lockers to store our stuff, cafés and bakeries.

Daehyun Free Mall – Daegu Branch (대현프리몰) is also located in this station. It is one of the biggest underground shopping malls in Daegu. It also serves as a passageway to major places in Downtown Daegu such as Kyobo bookstore (between Exits 12 and 14), Lotte Young Plaza (Exit 9/11), CGV Daegu (Exit 2), Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park (Exit 2), Yangnyeong and Gyodong Market, Feb.28 Democratic Movement Memorial Park (Eixt 20), Fashion Jewelry Town (Exit 17), and Daegu Metropolitan City Hall (Exit 19). Wow! There’s just too many to mention. But there’s more to that which makes Jungangno a very much important station in Daegu.

Underground entrance to Lotte Young Plaza and CGV Daegu
Inside Kyobo Bookstore 

As I walk further in this station, I have also found out some other fun activities to do!

1.) Have your photo taken in one of the many photo shops in Jungangno Station.
You can get your photo taken inside the station or photos with your friends or a family portrait. Different packages are offered where you and your partner, friends or family can take photos in Korean traditional clothes (Hanbok, 한복) or old school uniforms (yetnal kyobok, 옛날교복). You can also get their services for your pre-nuptial or wedding photo-shoots. Price ranges from 8,000 KRW – 25,000 KRW per person.

2.) Be in style with Daegu’s fashionable jewelry.
You can buy some jewelry inside the station whether it is a necklace, a ring or a set, or rose gold or silver, you can have it at its lowest prices without compromising the quality. Best part? You can have it customized! *wink wink*

3.) Get to know Daegu’s long history on achieving high standards for safety.
Remains of Daegu’s infamous subway accidents are on display in memoriam of the victims and for information of the present-day citizens.

4.) 에휴~ Feeling tired? Take a minute and chill at Jungangno’s resting areas.
If you want to just chill and meet with your friends, meeting points and resting areas are present inside and outside of the station. The two fountains inside of the station, one in the center and in the end of the station invites everyone to feel refreshed. You can also enjoy watching performances, as there are also stages where small events take place.

5.) Get your ears pierced.
As my feet continued its work Inside of the station, it led me to a store where you can have your ears pierced. When your ears are still in pain, you can make your eyes happy by buying your accessories inside the same store. The piercing service costs around 8,000 while accessories start at 3,000 KRW.

6.) Know your future with tarot card readings.
When I saw the sign “타로” (Tarot), the first thought that came to my mind was, “OMG! Fortune Tellers still exists!” Personally, I have not tried asking for an advice from a fortune teller. However, I have seen fortuneteller offices not only in Daegu, but also in other major cities in Korea. Fortune Tellers are said to be able to let you know your future just by reading the palm of your hand or reading the tarot cards. Fortune Tellers, and their tarot cards, are only there for additional guidance. Just remember that you are the only person who is going to decide on what is going to happen in your future.

7.) Travel to the past through this record shop!
Growing up, I played my favorite songs through cassette tapes. Nowadays, no one uses them anymore. So, when I entered this store, I was delighted to see vinyl, classic tapes, and DVDs that still exist! Some of them are really old and second hand but pretty much working perfectly. Come and check out this cool Park’s Music store. They have a record from most genre. From classical to modern, hip-hop, R&B, and acoustic to metal/punk rock.

8.) Find that something special for your someone special!
Are you looking for some unique gifts? Look no more! There are shops inside Jungangno Station that offer customized mugs, tumblers, necklace, keychain, pins, cellphone case, clock, frames, etc. Name it, they got it. You can customize your stuff from 15,000KRW.

9.) Last but not the least...make your tummy happy :)
Jungangno station has a lot of food stores. For 4,000 KRW, you can buy pretzels, a sausage or a cup of drink from Auntie Anne’s. Also, there are different cafes where you can buy your ice coffee for only 3,000 KRW. If you are looking for sweets, they also have stores where you can buy macarons and meringue cookies for 2,500 KRW. And for 3,000 KRW, you can also have Manjoo (만주), a Korean traditional snack.

There are many things to do in Jungangno without actually exiting the station.  Moreover, Jungangno is so much more than just being a station, a passageway and an underground mall. You don’t need to go out of Jungangno Station anymore because this station has it all. I hope this article can give you a push of fighting that inner curiosity inside of you to explore this station and other stations of Daegu because adventure is out there! This summer, try to do different activities in Jungangno Station.