Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Summer Vacation in Korea: Taking a dip at Biseulsan Mountain

Though Biseulsan Mountain is most famously known for the azalea blooms in the springtime, there are plenty of reasons to make your way back here during the warmer months. Located on the edge of Biseulsan Mountain in the Dalseo region, Hwawon Natural Forest Resort is the perfect place to break free from city living and enjoy splashing around in the gently freshwater streams and exploring the hiking trails along the mountain range.

There are several hiking trails you can take through the mountain. Many of the paths are very shady which protect you from the blazing sun, so hiking here can be pleasant even in the summertime.  Never having been the adventurous type, I prefer walking along the man made trails, but I took a leap of faith and adventured down a path unknown to me and stumbled upon a beautiful stream secluded in the forest. To me this was just confirming that those who choose to live life with a little sense of adventure get to see more wonderful things in this world.

The water is absolutely refreshing! So clear that you can see the colorful, smooth rocks at the bottom. With perfectly cool temperatures, the streams here are absolutely ideal for taking a dip inside to beat the summer heat. The watering holes here have become quite popular for visitors looking to cool off from the heat and have a little fun. Normally, these types of areas are filled with picnicking families and friends, but I chose to travel to a bit more secluded area so I could enjoy the silence and peace of mind someone can only feel in settings like this.

Adding to the peaceful nature of the mountain, there is a beautiful Buddist temple, Yongmunsa Temple 용문사, you can visit. You can get there by following the main path into Hwawon Recreational Forest.

You might find yourself loving this place so much that you don’t want to leave!  No need to struggle to set up a tent and campfire when you can lounge in style in a cozy cabin. Hwawon Recreational Resort also offers rental cabins available for your picture perfect getaway. They offer two types of lodging options: condominium and pension style apartments.

One thing that I will stress is that if you are taking public transportation here, it is a little bit of a long walk from the bus stop to Hwawon Recreational Forest. It took me about 25 minutes, and I am a fast walker, but the long walk is so worth it! Along the way you get to pass the beautiful farmlands which makes for a scenic walk.

Take Line 1 to Daegok Station. Board the Dalseong 2 bus to MabiJeong Byeokhwa Village (Jong Branch)  from there it should take you about 25 minutes walking until you arrive.

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