Monday, July 23, 2018

Three Korean Food that Filipinos will love this Summer: Flat Dumplings, Samgyeopsal, Bingsu

Three Korean Food that Filipinos will love this Summer

In the Philippines, we only have two seasons, wet and dry - sunny or rainy. But whatever season it is, Filipinos just love to eat! Most of the time, families and friends eat together or go on a food trip. This is just one characteristic that I love about our culture and I believe that Koreans do the same thing as well.

As I continue to explore more about Daegu or Korea in general, I have discovered delicious korean food that my fellow men will surely like especially this summer season. I would like to introduce my top three choices of these korean food which actually looks similar with filipino food. All of these can be found in downtown of Daegu and almost anywhere in Korea.

I would like to start with an appetizer of the meal. Flat dumplings are literally flat and does not have any fillings inside unlike the usual dumplings. As seen on the picture below, it is fried and has the shape of a half-moon. Spring onions and chili powder are sprinkled on top of it. This dish can be dipped with soy sauce or vinegar depending on your taste. You can eat these flat dumplings with ttokpoki (spicy rice cake) or ramyeon (spicy korean noodles). This dish is a must try as it is considered as one of the top 10 authentic local dishes of Daegu. Filipinos are snack lovers and they will surely love this because aside from the fact that its light, it’s also tasty and it goes with a dip too. Filipinos usually enjoy their food with condiments / dips.

Left picture: flat dumplings from Korea. Right picture: “lumpiang sariwa” or fresh spring roll from the Philippines.

The famous restaurant in downtown where you can buy the flat dumplings. Most of the time, it’s fully packed and koreans go here for dinner. I went early to avoid the rush hour and long line.

Korean Name of Food: 납작 만두
Name of the Restaurant: 핀투대박양념오뎅 (Pintoo Daebak Yangnyeom Odeng)
Address: 15, Dongseong-ro 6-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Business Hours: 08:30 - 24:00
Price: 3,000 KRW

After having flat dumplings for an appetizer, let’s move on to the main dish. Pork barbeque or samyeopsal is just one of the most famous and well-loved korean food in the Philippines. Samyeopsal which means three layers of meat and fat is a grilled pork belly dish which is similar to bacon. However, samgyeopsal is cut into thicker slices of meat and is cooked in a different way. Samgyeopsal is served with different side dishes such as kimchi, spring onion salad, garlic, mushrooms and green chili peppers. Koreans usually eat it by wrapping the samgyeopsal with lettuce or perilla leaf and dip it in ssamjang (korean spicy sauce) or gireumjang (sesame oil, salt and pepper sauce). While some koreans and me,  preferred to eat samgyeopsal with a cup of rice. Filipinos are meat lovers too and we eat meat with rice every meal. Barbequed meats are well loved in Philippines which makes Samgyeopsal a perfect choice for Filipinos. It’s a Korean dish that wouldn’t be too far from what our taste buds would prefer.

Left picture is the samgyeopsal or pork barbeque from Korea and to the right is from the Philippines.

I asked my Korean friend to translate the name of the restaurant in English. She told me that it was “Meat Cooking Man” and I was wondering why did they choose this name. As you can see in the picture above, they cook the meat for you and that is also the answer to my question. :D

Korean Name of Food: 삼겹살
Name of the Restaurant: 고기굽는남자(Gogi Goobneum Namja)
Address: 30, Jungang-daero 81-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Business Hours: 16:00 - 02:00
Price: 9,500+ KRW

Bingsu is a korean dessert of shaved or crushed ice with different toppings such as condensed milk, chopped fruits, cereal flakes, cookies, almonds, candies, red bean, and ice cream or frozen yogurt. Bingsu looks like a small snow mountain in a glass or plastic bowl. It offers a wide variety of different flavors and it’s very popular during summer season in Korea. That is the reason why you can almost find it everywhere in Daegu and they are also offered in cafe stores.  Filipinos are very fond of sweet food and bingsu is perfect for their taste. It’s very similar to our Halo-halo only with lesser ingredients. In the Philippines, the temperature is almost always hot, so this is a perfect way to cool down.

Left picture is a mango flavored bingsu from Korea while the right picture is a filipino dessert called halo-halo which literally means to mix. 

This cafe is just right beside the Gukchaebosang Memorial Park. They have three special flavored bingsu that you can try for this summer. I ordered mango bingsu because it reminded me of my home - the Philippines. It tasted very sweet and delicious. I am going to go back again for sure.

Korean Name of Food: 빙수
Name of the Restaurant: COFFEE MOREN 커피모렌
Address: (2F) 71, Dongseong-ro 2-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Business Hours: 10:00 - 24:30
Price: 8,000 - 15,000 KRW (it depends which size and flavor)

All of these dishes are so good that you will never forget their taste! I am hoping that foreigners who are living in Daegu or even the tourists visiting will give these three different korean dishes a try during the summer. Now, this article is making me hungry. Aren’t you? Let’s eat!