Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Watching Cho Hyun-woo at K-League Soccer Match: Daegu FC vs. FC Seoul

“Fangirling on Cho Hyun Woo, Pride of Daegu”

A panoramic view of Daegu Stadium’s interior.

Football is a beautiful sport played by a team and not just an individual. As a football player, it is very important for me to watch every single match from Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), to Asian Football Confederation (AFC), and Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup. I have learned so much from every player of these leagues. I admire each team of the leagues and grow with them as time passes by. Also, these players inspired us to think outside of the box, become better version of ourselves, and reach for our dreams.

Cho Hyun Woo warming up before the match of Daegu FC vs FC Seoul last July 8th. Can you spot our goal keeper?

Cho Hyun Woo, the goal keeper of Taegeuk Warriors, Korea’s national football team, is one of those players that I really admire when it comes to being passionate about what he wants to do or achieve. Let’s face it, goalkeepers are the most unnoticed and taken for granted position in football. It is usually the striker (forward), the midfield, and the wingers like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ozil, Iniesta, Beckham, Zidane, etc. who are noticed because they are the ones who are scoring, but what about those who block them from scoring? When I first watched Korea’s game against Sweden, he was able to save a lot of good attempts from Swedes. Cho’s flexibility, stamina, swiftness, intelligence, awareness, toughness, and focused mind are just some of the few abilities that made me admire him as a football player.

Post-game photos. Cho Hyun Woo was waving to all his fans and supporters. He was very humble and always smiling at the crowd even if he looks really exhausted.

After Korea’s last match against Germany, I started my research about Cho Hyun Woo as part of my fangirling. I discovered that he is part of the Daegu FC, Daegu’s representative to the Korea Professional Football League or K-League. I was so happy and excited about it that I started looking for the schedule of the football match. To my surprise, there’s an upcoming game and I was able to buy a ticket!

There were a total of 12,925 football fans in attendance. During the first half of the game between Daegu FC vs FC Seoul, both teams had two goals and in the second half, no one scored which ended with a result of draw (2-2).

While most of the Filipino ladies are fangirling with their favorite Kpop singers or K-drama actors, here I am, screaming my heart out at Daegu World Cup Stadium for Cho Hyun Woo. Last July 8th, I was able to witness Daegu FC’s match against Seoul. This is one of the rare moments where I can shout your heart out while you cheer for your favorite player. I admire him more that day as he also received an award that day and became the Honorary Ambassador of Daegu.

The cheering shirt costs 80,000KRW and additional 5,000 KRW for an option of a name or a number. Of course, I chose Cho Hyun Woo’s name in hangul and the number that he represents for Daegu FC. It was not printed when I bought the shirt and that is why I had to go outside of the store to wait for this man who does the printing very well.

To complete my fangirling experience, I dropped by at the Team Store which was located beside the entrance of Daegu Stadium. I highly suggest for those who would want souvenirs or football jerseys, skip the line and go to their official online shop at this link: Click here

I learned from Cho Hyun Woo that we have to stand up for our dreams. With that in mind, Cho Hyun Woo and his team won the hearts of many people and nations.

The big columns are the ticket booths where you can buy your tickets directly or claim them after pre-booking online.

If you want to watch the next K League match, you can buy tickets by clicking this link: Click here

BONUS: If you are a big fan of Cho Hyun Woo like me, best seat is at DG ZONE and if you want to see the best view of the entire match, best seat is at any upper seat of N, E, W, S area. Also, if you want a very comfortable and convenient seat with a table, then CGV ZONE is the most applicable seat for you. The price of the tickets can be found at this link: http://www.ticketlink.co.kr/sports/football/84#price

And to get more updates on the Daegu football team, check out their official facebook page here: Click here

Here is a complete list of the schedule for the next football match of Daegu FC:

July 18 (Wed) 19:30 - Daegu vs Pohang
July 25 (Wed) 19:30 - Daegu vs Yongin University
July 29 (Sun) 19:00 - Daegu vs Jeonbuk
Aug 11 (Sat) 19:00 - Daegu vs Incheon
Aug 18 (Sat) 19:00 - Daegu vs Ulsan
Aug 26 (Sun) 19:00 - Daegu vs Gangwon
Sept 02 (Sun) 19:00 - Daegu vs Suwon
Sept 26 (Wed) 14:00 - Daegu vs Kyungnam
Oct 06 (Sat) 14:00 - Daegu vs Incheon

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Basic Information
Address: 180, Universiad-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu
대구광역시 수성구 유니버시아드로 180 (대흥동)
English Click here
Korean(more details) Click here
● Bus:
1. 403, 849, 849-1, 939 (get off at Daegu Stadium Station of Subway line 2)
2. 309, 349, 449, 509, 609, 649, 724, 840, 909, 937 (get off at World Cup Three-way Intersection Bus Stop)
  It takes 25 to 30 minutes on foot from World Cup Three-way Intersection to the Stadium.

● Subway:
1. Get off at DaegongwonStation of Subway line 2 and take exit 5.
2. Transfer to a bus 849-1 or 939 .
3. Get off at Daegu Stadium Bus Stop.
  It takes 25 to 30 minutes on foot from Daegongwon Subway Station to the Stadium.