Wednesday, August 1, 2018

2018 Daegu Folk Festival: Experience Culture of Daegu through Music

The 2018 Daegu Folk Festival: Experience the art and culture of Daegu through Music
With the dust settling on the Daegu Chimac festival, citizens of Daegu were once again offered more music and merry-making with the Daegu folk festival. The festival, held from Friday, 27th July to Sunday 29th July, took place at the Duryu Kolon Open Air Concert hall, some few meters from the Duryu Baseball Stadium where the Chimac Festival took place.

Brief background
The festival was launched in 2015 to provide people the opportunity to enjoy free musical concert, exhibit culture and bring citizens of the city together. As a prelude to the main event, the folk song contest is held before the main event takes place. Ordinary citizens are given the opportunity to exhibit their skills and their talents and cash prices ranging from three  hundred thousand to three million Won were awarded to individuals who excelled in the competition.

The Main event
For the main events, about 22 artistes including musical groups performed at the festival over the 3 day period. Chae-Hwan, Jajeongeo-tan pung gyeong, Shinjaehyung and friends, Park Mi Kyeong, Kim Jong Hwan, Kang San Yi and Roy Kim were those who performed on the first day.
On the second day of the festival, the citizens folk folk festival song competition took place before the main artistes and groups performed. Sorisae, Dick family, Time collage, Lim ji hoon, Jeong hoon Lee, Cho gwan woo, Ali and Jeong dong ha performed on the night.
The festival was rounded off on the third day with performances Kim hak rae, band of Kim mok kyung, hey brother, love and peace of choi yi chul, Namgungokbun, Baek young kyu and Song Chang Sik.

Other Attractions
Although mostly musical, there were other attractions that spiced up the occasion. A few meters across the main stage, were several displays of food, drinks and other assorted items. Families and friends, gathered to share food and drinks as they enjoyed the music from the singers.
As a measure against the high temperatures, a place was reseved with water sprinkler that released water droplets for people to cool off. A water fountain was also nearby to provide a cooling effect around the venue.
The children were also not left behind as a play ground was also in place for the children to play and have fun.

Daegu city has a lot to offer in terms of art, music and culture. Experience the culture and diversity of the city through these festivals. Next time you visit or happen to find yourself in Daegu, do not miss this festival.