Thursday, August 2, 2018

Living in Daegu | Three Most Famous Underground Bookstores

Three Most Famous Underground Bookstores

Did you happen to pass by Banwoldang station or Jungangno station? Are you looking for something to do on a weekend? Do you like reading a good book while drinking your coffee and enjoying the silence around you? If your answer to these questions is YES, then this article is written just for YOU.

As I got off from Banwoldang Station on a Saturday morning, I asked myself: what can I do today? Then, a little girl was reading her book while her mother was holding her and trying to buy pretzels for them to eat. It struck me that there were actually bookstores around the area. So now, I am sharing you the three most famous bookstores that can be found underground.

1. To start off, I would like to introduce the (영풍문고) YoungPoong or YP bookstore.
It only has one floor which makes it easier to look around. They have the least number of English books which can be found in the F-section, compared to the other two bookstores.

It has an iBOX digital store which sells phone cases, thumb drives, small gadgets and cute little items that suit your needs. There’s also a photo zone of Anne of Green Gables where you can take a sit with her and have your picture taken for free and a cafe called dal.komm coffee where you can sit, read a book that you just bought and sip a cup of coffee.

YP bookstore sections:
A - Children’s Books
B - Fiction and Non-Fiction Poetry
C - Comics and Graphic Novels
D - Social Sciences, History and Religion
E - Science and Computer Engineering
F - Foreign Language and Test Preparation Books
G - Books for Middle High School
H - Cooking, Traveling, Arts and Sports

Basic Information:
a. Address in ENG: 110 Samsung Financial Plaza, Deoksan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
b. Address in KR: 대구광역시 중구 덕산동 110 삼성금융프라자 지하 1
c. Website:
d. Business Hours: 10:00 ~ 22:00
e. English Book Price: 6,000 KRW - 25,000 KRW+
f. Way to go: Get off at Banwoldang station, Exit 14

2.) The second bookstore is (알라단) Aladin Secondhand Bookstore.
From banwoldang station, you just have to continue walking straight until you get to Jungangno station. If you’re looking for a genie or looking forward to seeing Agrabah, this is not the place for you. :) However, the GOOD NEWS is that - this bookstore offers a wide range of English books and cost very CHEAP. The cheapest book that I found was only around 2,000 KRW. What makes this bookstore unique… they sell limited edition themed character/movie notebooks such as peanuts, batman, sherlock holmes, etc. They also have a special section with customized tables and chairs where children can read and play and a whole table that can be shared for the adults.

Aladin bookstore sections:
A - CD, DVD, Blu-ray and Aladin special
B - Economics & Business, Self-help(Improvement) and Religion Books
C - Essay, Humanities, Arts, Science and Society
D - Specialization, Youth & Adolescence, Home & Family, Travel, Foreign Books, Computer
E - Children’s Book & Parenting
F - Foreign Books & Foreign Language
G - Novels, Fiction, and Comics

Basic Information:
a. Address in ENG: 1F, 582, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu
b. Address in KR:  대구광역시 중구 국채보상로 582 미도백화점 지하 1
c. Website: 
d. Business Hours: 09:30 ~ 22:00
e. English Book Price: 2,000 KRW - 15,000 KRW+
f. Way to go: Get off at Jungangno Station exit 2 or 3

3) Lastly, the biggest bookstore is (교보) Kyobo bookstore.
In my own opinion, this is the best bookstore I’ve been to - not just because it’s the biggest compared to the aforementioned bookstores but because they have all the English books that I really like. This three-storey bookstore is perfect for anyone to explore. While on the second floor, they have a small center of Samsung mobile and a cafe called Le Pouldu & Cafezal that is located in its second floor. Don’t ask me how to pronounce it because I don’t know either :)

On the third floor, you’ll find samples of toys available which the children can try and play with and a table where they can paint and draw. At the B1 level, you’ll find hot tracks store, where you can drop by and do window shopping if your brain is done accepting too much words from the book that you just read. Lastly, this is the only bookstore that has a comfort room for men and women unlike YP and Aladin.

Kyobo bookstore sections:
1st floor
A - Magazines, Comics
B - Fiction, Non-fiction Poetry
C - Foreign Books
2nd floor
D - Foreign Language Studies/Dictionaries
E - Natural Science and Technology, Travel Books
F - Computer Books
G - Textbook & Reference for Middle and Highschool
3rd floor
H - Economics & Management
I - Politics, Law Sociology, Examination Books
J - Humanities and Religion
K - Arts
L - Hobbies and Life Utility Books
M - Preschool Children’s Books

Basic Information:
a. Address in ENG: 586, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu
b. Address in KR:  대구광역시 중구 사일동 국채보상로 586
c. Website:
d. Business Hours: 10:00 ~ 22:00
e. English Book Price: 8,000 KRW - 18,000 KRW+
f. Way to go: Get off at Jungangno Station exit 2, the building is right next to H&M

BONUS → 5 Interesting Facts that these three bookstores have in common:
1. Water dispenser with free water of course.
2. Computer machines to search for the book that you want to buy.
3. limited seats for their customers.
4. English books.
5. A few staff who can speak English to assist you better.

There you have it, bookworms! I hope you will give it a try to visit these three best bookstores around downtown area. Enjoy your book hunting and stay hydrated in this summer season.


  1. Which bookstore is by/or has the best coffee shop? I am ALL about the coffee!!!!

    1. I would say the one in Kyobo bookstore is the better :P But hey, we all have different taste.

  2. YP is my favorite! :)

  3. In a cool place
    It's good to read a book.

  4. Kyobo is my fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<333333