Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Hidden Mountain Trail You Need to Explore This Weekend: Mt. Daedeoksan in Suseong-gu (Daegu)

Go Hiking in Nature on the Weekend
A trail to Daedeoksan Mountain (대덕산)
Located behind Daegu Stadium, Daedeoksan Mountain (대덕산) is not as well known as Palgongsan or Biseulsan but it is a good place for hiking in Daegu too. One great trail to access to the mountain is through the back side of the stadium.

You can take bus and get off at Daegu Stadium bus stop and walk along the street passing the Color Square. It takes around 15 minutes from the stadium to NaeHwanji Lake shown in the picture above. If you come by car, you can drive and park at the parking lot located near the lake.


The slope is steep from the beginning of the trail. It take about 30 minutes to Cheonggyesa Temple(청계사). This trail is not too challenging and you can also enjoy the beautiful view and magical sound of bird singing along the way before reaching to Cheonggyesa. This is a beautiful temple with delicate and sophisticated architecture.

You can continue exploring from a small gate located behind the temple. It looks as if I were about to climb up to the top of mountain without going back. As I hike further, the trail got a little bit harder.

There is a small stream beside the trail. Many local people spend time here, dipping their hands and feet into the fresh water. Please note that cooking and camping is not allowed in the area. The water is very cool so you can relax and cool down after a long hiking. Don’t stop here but keep moving up to the top and you can watch the wonderful scenery; the entire view of Daegu Stadium will be in glance. Let the wind blow your hair and take a deep breath, I’m sure that you will feel awesome and completely refreshed. :)

On the way back, you will pass by Color Square and Daegu Stadium or even Daegu Art Museum nearby. How about making a visit there too? If the answer is yes, it will be your fruitful day! I highly recommend you come to this area to hang out more frequently!