Saturday, September 22, 2018

Picnic in Pink Cosmos Flower Waves, Hajungdo

Cosmos: The Representative Autumn Flower in Korea

Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit and enjoy South Korea. Cosmos flowers (코스모스) also known as butterfly flowers are kicking off the autumn in Korea. Their glamorous beauty with lovely colors is spreading out all over Korea. So amazing, Nature’s grace!! Cosmos Flower Festival is held in the middle of autumn every year. Hajungdo cosmos flower field in Daegu is one of the best places to enjoy the sight and beauty blossoming the flowers. The field is open to the public from the middle of September 2018 until the end of October 2018. Best of all, it is FREE.

The magnificent flower attack must be overwhelming visitors. Most area of the island in Geumhogang River is covering with lovely cosmoses. The color of the flowers changes according to dates that visitors visit. In autumn, the color of cosmos flowers blooming in autumn is very various from elegant pink and purple to pale.

As Hajungdo (Hajung Island) is a wonderful place for picnics or camping, you can bring the carpet to rest on the spot and enjoy the beautiful view. You should wear sports shoes or sneakers because the field is so huge. You might walk around there a lot to enjoy the whole island. There are some beautiful photo zones such as a signboard and a heart-shaped statue that are used for your impressive photos' background.

Recently I went there in the afternoon after work. It was around 6:00pm when I was there. It was still good enough to take some pictures, because there were few people there at that time. I had enough time to enjoy the beautifulness of flowers and the quietness of the island.

I’d like to highly recommend that visitors charge fully the battery of your camera or mobile phone. And you can take a lot of photos and videos that you can see them again whenever you want. When you are there, let you take a deep breath, smile, smell the flowers, touch them, and feel how pretty they are. And your life will be brilliant and beautiful like the flower.

The island has some more attractions like a pumpkin archway, colorful pinwheels and wild flowers along the riverside as well as cosmos flower field. They are attractive and beautiful views on the island as well.

Hajungdo cosmos flower field should be on your list of visiting place this autumn. You can go by yourself or with family, friends or your lover. It is such a romantic and peaceful place for people who want to enjoy nature or take a rest from a lot of job stress.

- Address: 738-3, Nogok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu (대구광역시 북구 노곡동 738-3)
- How to Get There: Take bus No. Chilgok 2 or Bukgu 3 and get off at Nogokdong stop