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Smart Tips to Rent a House in Daegu!! : Sweet Home, My Home in Daegu

๐Ÿ’กSmart Tips for Foreigners to Rent a House in Daegu!!

General Rent Houses for foreigners in Daegu

Soon it will be the season for in a flock of new people to move into this city, Daegu. When I was in Daegu for the first time, I had a tight experience. I had no information then. So, I’d like to give you some good tips and information to find a house to stay in Daegu for newcomers and foreigners to relocate to new location. Most of them will be faced with the problem to find a new place to stay, which has led me to provide some tips to get the most suitable place for you.
The picture above is a typical street in Daegu; of both old brick houses and the more modern one room houses.

The old houses were usually built in light red brick, and are very strong and more spacious than the modern houses. It is usually owned by elderly Korean women who are very kind and caring. These houses are cheaper (depending on your proximity to town) and usually use gas for cooking. On the other hand, the more modern style One-rooms are usually not that strong, especially sound proof is not good, but very comfortable and has all amenities required. Usually tenants at modern style One-rooms uses electric inductors for cooking instead of gas (more safe to me) and electronic key and also electronic gates with cctv (surveillance camera).

The most popular type of renting a house for foreigners is “One-room, studio apartment (both old and modern forms). The One-room (studio) has a small kitchen, a toilet and some basic furniture (modern buildings) at one place. 


Also “Hasuk (boarding house, similar to homestay) or share house is another housing system in which you get a common kitchen, a restroom and a drinking water dispenser each floor.

TIPS to Find a House

Because the property value in Korea is really high. Most houses in Korea are built very close to each other which results in some rooms not getting proper ventilation or sunlight. If you are the type that enjoys natural light, do ensure to take note of this.   
Parking lots are very tiny, hence, a lot of parking in the streets. You will have to share the one or too parking lot with other tenants which makes it impossible to use at times, do take note of this.
  Usually you have to pay some deposits which you will get at the end of your lease contract, please do ensure you read your contract properly.
             Personally, I prefer a type of rent including all utilities, which many modern one rooms do. Once I pay my rent I know I have paid for management fees including internet and electricity.
             To get a house quickly, you need to use real estate agents which require a commission, but you can just walk around with you Korean speaking friend and call some of the ads around (especially the ones written ์ฃผ์ธ์ง์ ‘ / direct contact to owner). It means there is no real estate agency between a leaser and a lease. No need to pay the commission for real estate agents.

 In conclusion, it is advised to thoroughly check out any house before signing the contract and making any form of payments. Because once the contract is signed, it is quite difficult to cancel without paying penalty. Also for those just moving to a new location, don’t forget to update your address at the immigration office within two weeks.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

2018 Daegu Arboretum Flower Exhibition : Daegu's Beauty & Daegu's Scent this Autumn

๐Ÿ’ฎ~Daegu Arboretum Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Where the Colors of Autumn Come Alive

Daegu Arboretum is having a special exhibition and celebration of the chrysanthemum flower which started Saturday October 27 and runs until Sunday November 11. Now is also the perfect time to enjoy the Arboretum because many of the trees are displaying peak autumn foliage. Spend one of your upcoming weekend days strolling around in resplendent autumnal nature and learning about the vast variety of chrysanthemums here at the Arboretum for an unforgettable fall memory.

A few selections from the special chrysanthemum treehouse filled with a spectrum of potted blooms for the exhibition

There were many special displays featuring chrysanthemums like animal and character topiary and potted colorful chrysanthemums everywhere. So many chrysanthemums!

After checking out the Chrysanthemum Exhibition, there's so much left to explore in the Arboretum. You can find bamboo forests, a traditional Korean garden, a rock garden and more, all nestled in the vibrant autumn foliage. Be sure to bring your camera.

There's a lot to see at the Arboretum, there's several greenhouses like the exotic fruiting trees greenhouse. The largest one houses a variety of cacti.

Leading up to the Arboretum there were many food vendors selling tasty snacks like hot dogs, red bean bread, potato tornados, and ddeokbokki. It was a great primer for all the walking to grab a bite before heading in to the enchanting gardens.

Find the Daegu Arboretum under the Korean name ๋Œ€๊ตฌ ์ˆ˜๋ชฉ์›
Opening hours are 9:00am-6:00pm.

■ Period : Oct. 27(Sat) ~ Nov. 11(Sun)
■ Place: Daegu Arboretum (Main Plaza)

[How to go]

Subway : Take Line 1, get off on Daegok Station, and walk for 15 min.
1 Buses : Take #Dalseo 3, #Dalseo 5, get off at Daejin Middle School, and walk for 5 min.
2 Buses : Take #600, #653, #Express 7, #Express 8, #eongseo 1, #eongseo 2, get off at Samsungramian-1cha bus stop, and walk for 15 min.

There is a spacious parking area. (* No Parking charge). 
And there is no charge for admission. (No Admission Charge).

English Address: #342, Hwaam-ro, Jincheon-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
Korean Address: ๋Œ€๊ตฌ ๋‹ฌ์„œ๊ตฌ ํ™”์•”๋กœ 342

Monday, October 29, 2018

#1st Round_Bread Pilgrimage in Daegu : What delicious breads born in Daeg!!

๐Ÿž~~Bread Pilgrimage in Daegu

What delicious breads born in Daegu!!
Let’s go on a Bread Pilgrimage to Daegu.

๐Ÿฅ Daegu’ Bread Pilgrimage # 1 :
Modern Alley Sweet Red-bean Bun (๊ทผ๋Œ€๊ณจ๋ชฉ ๋‹จํŒฅ๋นต)

You can easily find the bakery when you come to the exit 14 of Banwol-dang station.

Sweet red bean bun (danpat-bbang:๋‹จํŒฅ๋นต) is a sweet red bean roll most commonly filled with red bean paste. Sweet red bean bun can also be prepared with other fillings, including white beans, green beans, sesame and chestnut.

The most popular buns in the bakery are strawberries cream+ red bean paste bun, whipping cream + red bean paste, and green tea cream+ red bean paste bun!

The new buns, Mt. Palgong Rice Bun and Mt.Biseul Black Rice Bun were named from Daegu’s unique character.

Nowadays, thes modern alley red bean buns are also appearing on many TV programs and media.

They use 100% Korean red beans and do not use preservatives at all.

๐Ÿฅ Daegu’ Bread Pilgrimage # 2 : 
Banwaldang Croquette Bun (๋ฐ˜์›”๋‹น ๊ณ ๋กœ์ผ€)

Croquette bun is a deep-fried bun by mixing chopped meat, seafood, thin noodle or vegetables with mashed potato and usually shaped like a flat thick patty, rolling it in wheat flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs, then deep-frying this until brown on the outside.

Daegu Bakery Banwalang Kuroke Main Store is located on the
second floor, a food court of Banwol Dang Station on Subway Line 2.

Croquette Buns look similar but slightly different. They recommend six kinds of buns, cheese potatoes b, vegetables, light potatoes, leek + thin noodle, crab cheese and bacon. Even though they are cold, these crunchy buns are so delicious.

๐Ÿฅ Daegu’ Bread Pilgrimage # 3 :
Samsong Bakery’s Whole Corn Bun, “Drug Bun” (์‚ผ์†ก๋นต์ง‘ ํ†ต์˜ฅ์ˆ˜์ˆ˜๋นต)

It comes out when you walk all the way from Banwol-dang station exit 14.
The third bakery is the most famous bakery in Daegu.
Once you taste the whole corn bun, you can’t stop eating and it makes you keep eating . 
So it is called as “Drug Bun”.

This legendary bakery has 60 years of history and tradition in Daegu. It sells old style buns and rolls.  There are not many kinds of buns. 
They some baked croquettes and whole corn bread (drug bun) which is the most popular in the bakery.
Most of buns in the bakery are not fried in oil, but baked.

The whole corn bun was selected as the best & most delicious bun in Korea from Mukbang show (Food show).

(Source : Bants' Mukbang Show)

All the bakeries are located at the downtown area of Daegu, near  Banwaldang Stn.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Colorful Fall Foliage at Mt. Palgog : Amazing Colors in Daegu

๐Ÿƒ๐ŸƒColorful Fall Foliage at Mt. Palgong

Fall is one of the best times to travel around Korea. The majestic and towering mountains around the country are covered with colorful foliage; attracting photographers, hikers, and other nature lovers not only from Korea but also from other countries. 

Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  I love the the colors of the leaves as well as the cool temperature. Besides, it reminds me of the first time I came to Korea.

It was almost fall when I first moved to Daegu more than 10 years ago and when the leaves started changing their colors, I just fell in love with it. Since then, I always look forward to the fall of every year. I could not seem to get tired of looking at the beautiful fall scenery. Until now, I still feel the same.

When I noticed that the leaves of the trees at our neighborhood started changing their colors, I felt the urge of visiting Palgongsan (ํŒ”๊ณต์‚ฐ : Mt. Palgong) in Daegu to check on the fall foliage there.  Palgongsan is probably the best place to see the fall foliage. The fall scenery of Palgongsan is not only popular among the people of Daegu but also all over South Korea.

When I was on the bus going to Palgongsan, the maple and ginkgo trees along the road caught my attention. Their leaves already changed. The ginkgo trees are now wearing their golden crowns while the maple trees have their crowns adorned with various shades of red. Watching them made me more excited and I couldn't wait to arrive to my destination, Palgongsan.

When I got off the bus, I was greeted by the cherry blossom trees shedding their red and orange foliage. 
I was glad I came because the fall foliage seemed to be on its peak already.

I walked around the park enjoying the scenery to the fullest and taking a lot of photos.

I climbed up the staircase leading to the camping area.  What I saw next totally made my day. The maple trees looked so pretty with their colorful crowns.  Standing under them felt so good.  I couldn't help but admire the beauty that was presented before my eyes.  Looking at them made me feel grateful to be able to be at that place at that very moment. That moment was magical.

After spending sometime under the canopy of the maple trees, I decided to go to a restaurant nearby and had lunch. I had short rib barbecue and rice topped with dried radish greens for lunch.

 [My Lunch]

When I was done with lunch, I proceeded to take the cable. The view that unfolded before my eyes was magnificent.  While most parts of the mountain were still green, the part near the peak is already covered with orange and yellow foliage. It was so beautiful! I was glad I don't have a fear of heights because if I did, I would have missed such grandeur.

When the cable car reached its destination, I got off and headed to the viewing point. 
The scenery that could be seen from the viewing point was also magnificent. 
I stayed there for a while until I felt the cold breeze touch my skin. 
Then I knew it was time for me to leave.

I took the cable car back to the foot of the mountain and proceeded to take the bus back to my place.

My trip to Palgongsan may be short but I felt accomplished and my heart was filled with joy.

Palgongsan Autumn Foliage Festival (2018 ํŒ”๊ณต์‚ฐ ๋‹จํ’ ์ถ•์ œ)

The annual Palgongsan Autumn Foliage Festival will be held at Palgongsan from October 26th until 28th. It will be a perfect time to visit Palgongsan. But be warned, the traffic might not be good.

How to Get to Palgongsan

[By Bus]
Take Rapid Bus 1 (๊ธ‰ํ–‰1) from Dongdaegu Station and get off at Donghwasa Temple Entrance.

[Tourist Information]
Palgongsan Cable Car
Address: #51, Plagongsan-ro 185-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu

Ticket Price: Return
๐Ÿ”ฝAdult (Individual) : 11,000 won / (Group) : 10,000 won
๐Ÿ”ฝElderly (65 years old and above) : 9,000 won
๐Ÿ”ฝChildren (Individual) : 6,000 won / (Group) : 5,000 won

Ticket Price: One Way
Adult (Individual) : 7,500 won / (Group) :  7000 won
Elderly (65 years old and above) : 6,000 won
Children (Individual) : 4,000 won/  (Group) : 3,500 won

[Cable Car Ride]