Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Event | One of The Largest Christmas Trees of Daegu

One of The Largest Christmas Trees of Daegu at Dongdaegu Station Square

1.    Christmas Tree

For the upcoming Christmas Day, Daegu began to be colored by pretty lights. At Dongdaegu Station Square, a very large Christmas tree was set up, which is pleasing everyone's eyes.

2.    Look! That's Daegu Shinsegae Department Store!

It's a central square with Dongdaegu Station and Dongdaegu Complex Transfer Center.

There is a Christmas tree on the right, and there are big stars and snow-shaped lights on the wall of Daegu Shinsegae Department Store. No one will know how big the tree is, but it's really big when you look at it directly.

3.    Hurried Steps

People who have to take the train late at night look at the big tree in the square and pause for a moment.

The mood of Christmas and year-end is gradually disappearing, but just a Christmas tree makes me feel that mood.

4.    It Looks Wonderful with The Surrounding Scenery

5.    An Amazing Size

From a distance, I just thought, ‘A pretty tree is over there.’ But as I got closer, I was surprised at its size. It's amazing!

6.    Take a Closer Look!

7.    Man-Sized Ornament

This, which is 18 meters tall, is one of the largest Christmas trees ever set up in Daegu. It's literally super big, and I'm just surprised that one of the snow-shaped ornaments on the tree is just about man-size.

8.    Twinkle Twinkle

9.    When The Stars Are Brightly Shining

The average number of visitors per day to Dongdaegu Station is 47,000. Dongdaegu Station seems to be trying to give enjoyment through these events for such many people.

Even in the cold, many people took out their cell phones and took pictures of the beautiful Christmas tree.

10.  A Strong Red Sculpture

11.  A Work of Light

12.  Merry Christmas (:

It would be nice to see a sculpture using steel to express rhythm and a work using light and curves with the tree. Especially, I think that visitors who pass through Daegu are able to take good memories.

On the upcoming last night of 2018, stop by Dongdaegu Square for a while and feel the mood of Christmas and year-end with the beautiful Christmas tree!

** Lee Sang-hyeon