Friday, December 14, 2018

Merry Christmas in Daegu! - The Best Hot Spots to Enjoy Special Landscape Lighting

The Best Hot Spots to Enjoy Special Landscape Lighting

1. 2.28 Jungang Memorial Park

First of all, it's 2.28 Jungang Memorial Park.

You can meet Santa here! Take photos with Santa!

There is a proposal zone if you follow the beautiful road.

The propose zone has lights on its trees, so the atmosphere is very good.

2. Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park

After looking around the park, I went to Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park, where many people visit to enjoy beautiful landscape lighting every year, so I was looking forward to what it would look like this year.

Heart Tunnel is a popular place in the park. The colorful lights are so beautiful!

Oh! This is the first Smart Park in Korea! Free Wi-Fi is available inside the park, and it's very convenient to take beautiful photos and post them on social media right away.

The year 2019 is called the Year of the Golden Pig, right? Why don't we take a photo here to celebrate the New Year?

3. Daegu Metropolitan City Hall

Should we go to Daegu Metropolitan City Hall?

The fountain in front of City Hall shows a cool stream of water in the summer, but in the winter it shows such beautiful trees and lights.

In addition, The small trees under the large tree also have beautiful lights, so I thought it would be great to enjoy with young children.

** Gwak Tae-yong

4. Dongseong-ro (street)

The trees take stars and moons, and the sky is like a Milky Way. The lights will be on from 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. at sunset.

It is said to be designed with the desire to leave the eventful year and to have a happy new year.

The house-shaped large tree in front of Daegu Department Store is the main tree on the street. The sparkling lights are also beautiful, but if you go inside and look up, you will see a more special view.

Like this. Isn't it mysterious?

5. Dongdaegu Station

It's a central square with Dongdaegu Station and Dongdaegu Complex Transfer Center. There is a Christmas tree on the right, and there are big stars and snow-shaped lights on the wall of Daegu Shinsegae Department Store.

This, which is 18 meters tall, is one of the largest Christmas trees ever set up in Daegu. It's literally super big, and I'm just surprised that one of the snow-shaped ornaments on the tree is just about man-size.

It would be nice to see a sculpture using steel to express rhythm and a work using light and curves with the tree. Especially, I think that visitors who pass through Daegu are able to take good memories.

** Lee Sang-hyeon


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