Thursday, December 5, 2019

Daegu Dessert Show 2019

Daegu Dessert Show 2019

By Arslan Musaddiq
December 2019

Daegu Dessert Show 2019

Daegu exhibition and convention center (EXCO) held a Daegu Dessert Show. The first thing that captured my attention was the huge beautiful building. Entering the building gives you the real idea of its enormous scale. At the entrance, there are some very nice cafes and coffee shops. It is five-story high with state-of-the-art exhibition halls and conference rooms. It is said that it can accommodate ten thousand people at once. EXCO is located very near to Kyungpook National University and Daegu International Airport.

EXCO Front Side

One section of the hall was filled with the fragrance of coffee because there was coffee fair arranged on one side and while the other part of the hall had desserts aroma. It was feeling as if you are walking in a coffee and pastry shop.πŸ˜‹

Dessert Show Main Hall

Dessert Show Booths

Daegu Dessert Show was held along with the Daegu Coffee Fair. With the sip of coffee, visitors had a chance to try a variety of desserts.πŸ‘Œ There was plenty to try, for example, I tried Macaron with the coffee. Similarly, there were many flavors of other items such as honey pastry, Dasik, Bukkumi, and Hotteok. Some of the stalls were dedicated to showcasing and selling the beautiful crockery sets while others displayed beautiful hand made bags, towels, and cloths. In addition, there was a separate section where you can try making different desserts by paying small fees.πŸ‘

Booth Selling Desserts

Booth Displaying Traditional Drinks

There was a stall where you can try different juices such as lemon, mango or strawberry drink. Some of the drinks were a mixture of two or more fruits which I was not aware of before. They were looking really tasty and refreshing. I tried a mango juice and it was truly nice.πŸ‘ 

Dessert Show Booth Displaying Hand Made Items

Crockery Display

The main hall was divided into different sections. It consists of dessert shops, dessert exhibition stalls, a crockery shop, and so on. There was also a stage event, where there was some program going on which unfortunately had already ended when I reached😭. The whole program was hosted by the Daegu Food Culture Forum. It was a good opportunity for those looking to start their own coffee and dessert shop business.πŸ‘ From these kinds of exhibitions, they can learn how to start a business and can meet people actually doing it and get their advice.
I took the following more photos of the event.

Beautiful Cups

Refreshing Drinks

People Trying Different Desserts

Main Stage of Dessert Show

Families Trying Desserts

Dessert Show Main Hall Banner

The exhibition also had the 1st world Macaron championship. The theme of the championship was to welcome anyone who loves Macaron and anyone who can bring their own Macaron was also allowed to participate. There were 3-4 judges tasting one plate of Macarons. Based on the presentation and taste, the participants were given points.

Booth Selling Traditional Desserts

Booth Displaying Different Types of Dessert

Macaron and Other Items

Dried Meat for Samples

Korean Desserts

Booth Displaying Macaron

I always love to attend events and especially food festivals.😊 It was such a unique experience for me to try many desserts and different types of coffee. If you love food, if you love to explore, and if you love to meet new people then always try visiting these kinds of festivals and programs.πŸ‘πŸ‘ It's always an enjoyable experience and you will definitely go back home with sweet memories.πŸ˜†

In the coming days, there are two more programs that you can enjoy in Daegu EXCO.

  • The Best Franchise Fair in Daegu (December 05, 2019 ~ December 07, 2019)
  • Daegu Christmas Fair 2019 (December 06, 2019 ~ December 08, 2019)

  • Address: Daegu, Buk-gu, Sangyeok 2(i)-dong, μ—‘μŠ€μ½”λ‘œ 10
  • Parking Facilities: The cars can be parked near the building
  • Phone: +82- 053-601-5000
  • Directions: From Daegu downtown, you can take bus no 503, 306, and 349.


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Chilseong Night Market's New Look

Chilseong Night Market's New Look

By Peter Fish
December 2019

I have always been a fan of Korean Street Food.πŸ˜‹πŸ΄ The little tents or stands set up making life more comfortable. My wife and I have visited Chilsoeng Market since we moved to Daegu in 2002. But things have changed. Change is not always good but this change to the night scene in Chilseong is, in my opinion, a welcome change.πŸ‘Œ

You can find over 60 vendors selling standard dishes you might find at shows or pojang macha (tented eating places) around the city. Churros are a crowd's favorite. There are standard dishes like kimbap and fish cakes or chicken on small skewers.  But there is a lot more to be found.

We looked around and found some interesting dishes we wanted to try. Like the dish below.πŸ‘‡ It is being called a dinosaur leg (not really though, it is a pig leg!) although it is as big as a small dinosaur’s leg I guess.πŸ˜†

The market has been open now for a few weeks and is very popular. Read to the bottom to find out some pro tips to help you enjoy your time there.πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

Stand back!  The vendors use all their skills to keep the food fresh and customers happy!😊  There are all sorts of ways to cook the dishes sold here. The trouble comes from the limited space they are given in which to prepare the food. They really use all the tools available.πŸ‘

There are live performances on weekends and during events held at the Night Market. The crowds really enjoyed the singing and music. People were sitting and standing enjoying the show and many were eating on makeshift ledges or little nooks around the performances.

What is a cool addition to the Night Market scene is the Chilseong Night Market has tables and chairs for visitors to sit comfortably and enjoy their food.πŸ‘ The tents all had barriers to keep the wind and chill out.  I will offer a tip or two at the end of the article.

Fire… food!πŸ”₯🍴

There are also vendors offering handmade crafts such as clothing accessories, toys, candy, and others. These are local vendors trying to get a business started so stop by you may find that special something for Christmas.

Look there is a dinosaur!  He has all his legs so he is not on the menu!πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ The dinosaur is the easiest way to find the restrooms. Up the stairs behind him are the busy bathrooms.
For those that have never been to the original “night market area” here are some of what it looks like and it is great all year round. Generally, seafood is the main menu choices. The atmosphere in the tents is always festive and the workers all have great attitudes.πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

This lady asked what I wanted and I said “Your picture.” She then posed✌ for some fun!

❗Here are some tips.❗ Get there before 6PM and get a table. Then send out scouting parties to see what you want to eat. Next, make a plan on who will stand in line at the food carts and who will guard the table. Also other than a few beer and cocktails, there are no drinks available. We always carry water, juice, and coffee.
There is parking near the market. It is complicated to use and may be full of day shoppers as the outdoor market is just closing. The Red Line of the subway has a stop at the top of the entrance to the night market. There are a bunch of buses as well.
The easiest way to get there by bus is to copy these addresses and past them into a mapping app.
Address: 207-1, Chilseongnam-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
Address in Korean: λŒ€κ΅¬ 뢁ꡬ μΉ μ„±λ‚¨λ‘œ 207-1

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Anjirang Valley and a Cave Fit for a King

Anjirang Valley and a Cave Fit for a King

By Peter Fish
December 2019

A very nice hike in Anjirang Valley with a goal to get to Wang Gul or King’s Cave without falling downπŸ˜‚ the mountainπŸŒ„! It is posted as a 1.6KM hike. This hike is all uphill so plan ahead with the right gear and the water and snacks you may need. This is a nice hike for a sunny winter day but it is an intermediate level hike. My daughter has done the hike several times from the time she was 5 years old. We enjoy these challenging hikes! I would not suggest this hike on hot humid days in the summer…… but the views are beautiful!πŸ‘

At the base of the valley, there are trail markers and map boards that show the way. You can also stop in the park office on the main trail to pick up a pocket guide to all the interesting things that are in the valleys next to the Apsan Beltway (a highway that runs beneath the mountains connected to Anjirang Valley). There is a fold-out map in the back of the booklet.

There are really three ways to get up the valley, either the road or dirt trail. My first trek up was on the concrete road.  Not really easy or fun so I suggest the dirt trail.πŸ‘ Until you pass Anil Temple the trail is very well marked.

As I was hiking I heard the chanting of a Buddhist monk doing his chant. It was quite loud and clear. The air was chilled and there were low hanging clouds in the valley. This helped keep the chant at a very interesting echo in the valley. Then I caught a glimpse of Anil Temple through the trees🌲! It was such an interesting view.πŸ‘€

Anil Temple is an active and important temple in the area. The grounds are picturesque and there are a few quaint things to see and photograph (please do not take photos of the monks or people performing prayers or ceremonies without asking!).

Anil Temple is the last stop with a chance for grabbing any drinks you may need and it is also a convenient place to get a little break as well as a bathroom break. From this point, it is all nature!

From Anil Temple, it is a short hike to the point where the trail splits to go to either the King’s Cave or the Apsan Observatory.  I love a cool a cool days hike and the sun popping through the trees.😊

After hiking around 10 minutes you will come to a split in the trail.  From here on to Wang Gul the trail is narrow and all dirt.

As a bonus, there is a “pyramid” of stones. The saying is if you toss a stone up there onto the “pyramid” and the stone stays up there you wish will come true Have a go at it, who knows how it will turn out!πŸ˜†

Past the wishing place, the trail becomes a zig-zag back and forth up a somewhat steep (steep!) bit of climbing. The day I went it was after a few windy days. The trail was hard to see with leaves in some places over my boots. It is the way it is at this time of year. The trail is not difficult to see but you must be careful where you step and should use a walking stick to help keep your balance.

When I arrived there were no people there. The cave is smallish… for a king!😝 It is said in 927AD King Tae Jo was defeated in battle. He fled to save his life and this is where he hid from his enemies. Not rebuilt or relocated.

This was the first time I actually went into the cave.  It was comforting and I felt safe that I could stay there if I needed to.πŸ‘

There is a nice view of the cityπŸ‘ from here. If you want a better view, continue up the steps just past the cave.

After snapping some photos I continued up the trail. Here is where it got interesting. The trail had not had any visitors in some days. Again I was confronted with ankle-deep leaves.  There is a way to get up to the top to the right of the trail but I had a heavy bag and was by myself so I opted for the trail to the right.

Wow!!! I was lucky this day because the weather conditions kept the moisture down in the valleys below me and I was given a rare opportunity to see these beautiful sights!πŸ‘πŸ‘

There is a tunnel near the Memorial Monument bus stop with the history (all in Korean) and many paintings depicting the story of King Tae Jo.
There is public parking in Ajirang Valley Park. I suggest taking public transportation in the way of 410 or 410-1   Dalseo 4 or Daleo 4-1.